Toni Hansen

President and CEO,

  • President and Co-Founder of the Bastiat Group, Inc., DBA
  • Author of Simple Steps to Trading Discipline
  • Over 20 Years Industry Expertise

About Toni

Toni Hansen is president and co-founder of the Bastiat Group, Inc., DBA She is one of the most respected technical analysts and traders in the industry, with a reputation for accuracy in both bull and bear markets. A leader in market education, Ms. Hansen has been trading and educating new traders, money managers, professional market analysts, and traders for over 20 years. She has authored three books, including the award-winning Simple Steps to Trading Discipline and has worked in conjunction with some of the world's top financial exchanges, such as the International Securities Exchange and CME Group, as well as major industry conferences.

Toni's Articles

Trader Toni Hansen says it’s most important to know the ins and outs of your trading strategy because that provides the basis and flexibility to succeed in one or several different markets.
Markets that are highly correlated often present great trading opportunities, and trader Toni Hansen uses the commodity and currency markets to illustrate key factors to watch.
Every trader has periods when they aren’t performing well, or when outside influences disrupt their rhythm and wreak havoc on their mindset and their results. Trader Toni Hansen tells how to weather these rough patches and get back on track.
Too many traders constantly jump from one method to another instead of mastering one approach and refining it, says Toni Hansen, who also covers crucial risk management mistakes to avoid.

Toni's Videos

News has always been a driving force for the markets, but over the past year, investors have become skittish and corrections have deepened. In this session Toni Hansen will share with you her favorite weapon and show how you can use it to quickly and confidently select the week's top market movers before it's too late (and in many cases, before the news even hits the wires!) No proprietary systems or indicators will be used in this session. Attend, learn, apply the concept, build your trading confidence, profit, and share!

One of the hallmark signs of a confident trader is someone who can enter a new market trend in the early stages and ride and build on that trend as it unfolds. Confident traders clearly see both the beginning and the end of major trend, they recognize when a correction is minor vs. a major reversal event, and they know when to keep building a position and when it is time to start to unload their contracts or shares. This webinar introduces you to the analytical observations that developed veteran trader Toni Hansen's confidence in the market over two decades ago, and they keep reaffirming themselves daily. Simple. precise, actionable, and confident trading.

Toni Hansen breaks down the building blocks of price development and how she uses them to discover trading signals.
How to become consistently profitable with your trading. Toni Hansen discusses the key to market timing. Nothing is more important for traders.

Toni's Books

Toni Hansen

Simple Steps to Trading Discipline: Increasing Profits with Habits You Already Have

 In this step-by-step guide, Toni Hansen reveals the keys to building an effective trading system that will generate easy profits -- and how you can stick to it for the long run. 
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