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  • Host of "The Real Investment Hour"
  • Chief Strategist for RIA Advisors

About Lance

Lance Roberts has been involved in the investing world for more than 25 years. From private banking and investment management to private and venture capital, he has pretty much been there and done that. Mr. Roberts common sense approach and real world examples have appealed to a broad investing audience for two decades. He is the chief investment strategist for RIA Advisors and lead editor of the Real Investment Report, a weekly subscriber-based newsletter distributed to over 100,000 people nationwide. The newsletter covers economic, political, and market topics as they relate to your money and life.

Lance's Articles

Is a stock market rally coming? I think that is most likely the case. We recommend using that rally to rebalance portfolio risks, as we could see more corrective action in the historically weak month of September, suggests Lance Roberts, editor of Bull Bear Report.
Earnings season is underway, and so far, corporate outlooks remain relatively upbeat, suggesting the economic cycle might improve. While it is too early to tell for sure, some evidence may support that view and the potential for the market to eclipse all-time highs by next year, writes Lance Roberts, editor of Bull Bear Report.
A technical review of markets can help manage shorter-term risks. Currently, the debate is about the market rally from the October lows. Is it a resumption of the 2009 bull market trend or an extended bear market rally? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer. But while there are many reasons to be bearish on the markets, it is essential to remember that “stocks climb a wall of worry,” explains Lance Roberts, editor of The Bull Bear Report.
Not long ago, “cash is trash” was a common theme as savings accounts yielded zero. But now the Federal Reserve faces a new problem: Surging money market balances. There are TWO possible outcomes from here, which are not good, outlines Lance Roberts, editor of The Bull Bear Report.

Lance's Videos

Since the financial crisis, the Federal Reserve has adopted an All-In policy of trying to avoid recessions. The consequences of unprecedented monetary stimulus have led to a detachment of the stock market from the underlying economy. During this session, Lance Roberts will explore what this means and how to approach investing in the current environment.