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Gemma Godfrey

Head of Investment Strategy

Brooks Macdonald


Gemma Godfrey is the head of investment strategy at Brooks Macdonald. The firm manages in excess of $5.3 billion, across seven offices, with Ms. Godfrey directing the asset allocation and investment committees. Previously, she held a weekly slot for Sky News and was the chairman of the investment committee of Credo Capital. Prior to this, Ms. Godfrey was a fund manager for Julius Baer and responsible for Latin American investments at GAM. She has spent time at Goldman Sachs and UBS and is a quantum physicist by background. Profiled by The Sunday Times on the ascent of women in the boardroom, Ms. Godfrey has been voted the most popular woman in finance on Twitter by AdvisorOne, and co-hosts CNBC shows on a weekly basis. She is the "go-to" person for insights into Europe for flagship shows Squawk Box and Worldwide Exchange. Ms. Godfrey is dedicated to raising the profile of women in business and is a keynote speaker and moderator for some of the largest industry events internationally. She is regularly broadcasted on the BBC and quoted in the Financial Times, the Telegraph, and the Independent. Furthermore, Ms. Godfrey founded The Investment Insight, a Web site offering smart insights for smart investing, and writes a column for The Huffington Post. She is on the Advisory Board of Templars, a communications consultancy, and is also is a spokesperson for the Alternative Investment Management Association.