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About Cody

Cody Willard is a hedge fund manager and the editor of, where he posts all his stock and option trades from his personal account. Mr. Willard was an anchor on the Fox Business Network, where he co-hosted the long-time #1-rated show on the network, Fox Business Happy Hour. His stock-picking ideas and economic outlooks have been featured on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ABC's 20/20, CBS' Evening News, CNBC's SquawkBox, Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, as well as in the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and many other outlets.

Cody's Articles

Our investing goal is to get in front of burgeoning, revolutionary trends that are in the sweet spot for long term growth. One such trend I have identified is the re-domestication of the supply chain, suggests Cody Willard, long-term growth investing expert and editor of Trading with Cody.
What if I told you I was buying a revolutionary tech company's stock, one of two or three of the best companies in the world's most important technology industry, suggests Cody Willard, growth stock expert and editor of Trading with Cody.
My approach to investing is to try to find the most innovative companies in the most disruptive and revolutionary industries before the rest of Wall Street recognizes these "Secular Revolutions" — and to invest in these opportunities at reasonable valuations, asserts Cody Willard, editor of Trading with Cody — and a participant in the upcoming MoneyShow virtual event, August 3-5. Register for free here.
Certainly there will be negative economic and earnings ramifications from this coronavirus crisis; the question now is whether or not we've already priced in those ramifications, questions Cody Willard, editor of Trading with Cody.

Cody's Videos

The Space Revolution might be unstoppable on its trek toward becoming the next trillion-dollar sector, but it definitely isn't monolithic, so let's step back and get a sense of the different business models and subsectors within the space industry. Cody Willard has spent the last few years studying the various business models currently being created for The Space Revolution. He will share with you the best ways to get in front of this trillion-dollar growth industry.

Every day, we are constantly reminded that we live in a world where technology is evolving faster than ever. These leading technology experts will discuss:

  • The Key Tech Trends That Will Power Exponential Growth

  • What the Best Investment Plays Are to Win in the Post-Digital World

  • The Business Models That Will Drive the Future for Every Portfolio

Get up to speed on the latest trends in the industry, explore breakthrough technologies, and hear about the most innovative disruptors reshaping the future.

Join Cody Willard, publisher of, to learn how to find companies that change the world. He will also detail how to navigate a revolutionary political landscape to maximize gains and minimize risks.
Starting out—or starting over—trading and investing can be scary, and it should be. There are so many mistakes to make that will cost you money, performance, and sleep. Cody Willard will point out some of the most common and worst mistakes that new traders and investors make and will help you avoid making those mistakes. Plus, a couple of his favorite latest investment ideas.

Cody's Books

Cody Willard

The Bitcoin Revolution and The Great Cryptocurrency Crash: What to buy, what to avoid and everything else you need to know

If you&rsquo;d put 1% of your portfolio into bitcoin as I&rsquo;d suggested when I first started buying and making predictions for bitcoin, you&rsquo;d have loaded up back when it was around $125 per bitcoin back in 2013 (see: &ldquo;How to allocate your portfolio right here, right now&rdquo; published on Marketwatch on January 6, 2013, for example). If you&rsquo;d held all of those bitcoins through today, you&rsquo;d have a gain of more 17,000% on that 1% of your portfolio<
Cody Willard

Everything You Need to Know About Investing

For this book, I&rsquo;ve drawn upon everything I&rsquo;ve learned over the years on Wall Street. I&rsquo;ve worked with people who have made billions, and I&rsquo;ve also seen people lose billions. I have interviewed hundreds of CEOs, Senators, Congressmen, celebrities. And most importantly, I&rsquo;ve also spoken to tens of thousands of everyday people from all walks of life about how they manage their money, and I&rsquo;ve helped them get a handle on what they&rsquo;re do
Cody Willard

Stocks Wanted for 2016: Cody Willard analyzes 78 of your stock picks

After I asked readers of mine from Marketwatch, USA Today, TheStreet, Scutify and Trading With Cody to send me stocks they want me to analyze, I was bombarded by requests from all sectors of the market. I soon realized that I was going to be in for a lot of work as the list of stocks to look at climbed to almost 80.
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