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Basic Instinct of Trader

  • Author of Basic Instinct of Trader
  • CEO of
  • Women in Finance Award Winner

About Inna

Inna Rosputnia is a stock and futures trader and author of the book Basic Instinct of Trader. She is also the CEO of, a finance expert, and an analyst who writes for Benzinga,, The Business Woman Media,, and others. Ms. Rosputnia has been honored with numerous awards. In 2016 she was nominated to the Women in Finance Awards and in 2019 received the Award Leading Innovator in Wealth Management and Most Outstanding Woman in Finance. She has NFA Series 3 License and currently is in the process of hedge fund incorporation.

Inna's Articles

The moving average is an indicator that calculates the average price over a given period, explains Inna Rosputnia, author, Basic Instinct of Trader.
The double bottom is one of the most popular chart patterns. In most cases, it indicates a change in trend and a momentum reversal from prior leading price action, explains Inna Rosputnia, author, Basic Instinct of Trader.

Inna's Videos

In this presentation, Inna Rosputnia, CEO of Managed Accounts IR, shares her time-tested strategy. Join us to learn when and what assets to own in any economic environment.

Moreover, Inna will talk about conditions that move stocks, bonds, and gold, giving you a detailed guide on spotting the best buy and sell points in these markets. In addition, she shares her insights about upcoming trading opportunities and effective asset allocation.

Join Inna Rosputnia, CEO of Managed Accounts IR, for this in-depth session, designed to uncover trading strategies so you can identify long-term and short-term opportunities in the gold market. The knowledge you gain can help you to become a better trader and make smarter trading decisions in any economic environment.

In this webinar, Inna Rosputnia, the CEO of Managed Accounts IR, will discuss the tools and economic indicators to forecast major stock market reversals months in advance. Inna will provide parameters and tips to help you stay on the profitable side of the market, protect your portfolio, and reload it on time. She will also give you her longer-term forecast, which may surprise many traders and long-term investors.

Founder of Managed Accounts IR, Inna Rosputnia shares the best assets to beat S&P 500 returns this year and reduce risks. In this webinar, she explains how to identify the best assets, reduce risks and effectively manage your capital. Join us to learn more about coming investment opportunities and effective asset allocation.