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John Netto is a cross-asset class trader and author of The Global Macro Edge: Maximizing Return Per Unit-of-Risk. He is also the creator of the Netto Number, the Risk Factor Compensation System, and the Protean Strategy, for which he was named by Collective2.com as Strategy Developer of the Month. Mr. Netto is an expert in developing, executing, and managing proprietary algorithmic and discretionary trading strategies across a range of time horizons, asset classes, and market regimes. He has conducted numerous live trading webinars where viewers watch his P&L, positions, and orders in real time for total transparency of his methods. Mr. Netto is also the author of One Shot - One Kill Trading.
John will be doing book signings of his new book at the Las Vegas Traders Expo! Don't Miss Out!

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Trading on Market Sentiment

John Netto explains how he trades market sentiment and the tools he uses to do so. My guest today is John Netto and he looks at something called market structure in influencing his trading decisio…

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The Fiscal Cliff and Traders: What to Know

What does the "fiscal cliff" mean for traders? John Netto explains what he's watching to determine how to trade the reaction. My guest today is John Netto; we’re talking about the …

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Where Are Commodities Headed?

John Netto discusses where gold prices are headed and how it may be affected by the fiscal cliff. My guest today is John Netto.  He’s the author of The Protean Market.  We’re…

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Profiting from the Presidential Election

The presidential election might turn on upcoming economic data, and John Netto explains how all of that could impact the investment markets. Well, as we head into the end of 2012, all eyes are …

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Opportunities in Cloud Computing

John Netto talks about the trading and investing opportunities in cloud computing technology. My guest today is John Netto.  We're talking about the next big thing in technology, c…

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One Thing Is Certain About the Eurozone

News from the Eurozone continues to drive short-term trading, says John Netto, but with the longer-term picture much more certain, traders can add much-needed clarity to their approach. Traders are…

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A Gold Trade Most Haven’t Thought of

New forces are coming soon that will spur a new leg higher in gold, predicts John Netto, who explains why buying gold using a foreign currency can help dampen risk. As traders all know, there are s…

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2 Ways to Beat Low-Volatility Conditions

In curious low-volatility conditions like the present, John Netto suggests either a premium-selling approach or gravitating toward faster-moving markets like oil or world currencies. Traders love v…