Wieland Arlt

Professional Trader, Bestselling Author, and IFTA President,

  • Board Member of the Association of Technical Analysts

About Wieland

Wieland Arlt, CFTe, is a trader, bestselling author, president of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA), a board member of the Association of Technical Analysts in Germany (VTAD), and world traveler. His declared goal in his trader training is to support traders in achieving their financial goals in a self-determined way and to trade successfully on the financial markets in the long term. Mr. Arlt can be reached at:

Wieland's Articles

Trading is easy—or so you would think, explains Wieland Arlt of
In the first part, we had looked at the three criteria of trader burnout. A first criterion was the emotional exhaustion experienced by traders who are repeatedly torn between hope and disappointment, explains Wieland Arlt of
Trading demands top performance! In hardly any other profession are the psychological demands as high as in trading, explains Wieland Arlt of

Wieland's Videos

Join Wieland Arlt, CFTe and President of the International Federation of Technical Analysts shows in his presentation how traders can use the best of both worlds. Reading the priceaction and trading in real-time as well as using selected lagging indicators to make better trading decisions. Using both, traders will make fewer but better trades with higher risk-reward-ratios and less misinterpretation.

What is trading about? Of course, making profits. But this is easier said than done. It is not only missing management of a trade that keeps traders away from making profits. Mostly it is a too complicated strategy that gives too much room for interpretation—and therefore mistakes. Wieland Arlt, CFTe and president of IFTA chooses a more simple and practical approach. He likes to find his trades at a glance, not leaving room for interpretation and offering hands-on management rules. In his presentation, Wieland shows how his strategy works and how he manages his trades. Visitors get a deep insight into his approach and learn also how to spot reversals immediately.

Wieland Arlt focuses on three criteria for his trading setups: a high probability of occurrence, a long way to the targeted goal, and a clear message if the market has changed its mind. These criteria are combined in the expander strategy presented.