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  • Mad Money on CNBC and Bloomberg TV Contributor
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About Carley

Carley Garner is an experienced futures and options broker with DeCarley Trading, a division of Zaner Financial Services, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her commodity market analysis is often referenced on Jim Cramer's Mad Money on CNBC and she is a regular guest on Bloomberg Television's Options Insight segment with Abigail Doolittle. Ms. Garner is a regular contributor to and its Real Money Pro service and is also a regular on the speaking circuit at TradersEXPOs and MoneyShows throughout the country. She is also an award-winning commodity futures and options trading book author. In addition to Trading Commodity Options with Creativity, Ms. Garner has authored Higher Probability Commodity Trading, A Trader's First Book on Commodities (three editions), and others.

Carley's Articles

It feels as though we have seen the worst of grain market volatility for the summer, but the options still have enough implied volatility to create attractive risk/reward prospects, says Carley Garner of
The grain market has forged a counter-seasonal rally for the record books. However, in the course of the rally, we have seen near-record net-short positions held by speculators over the summer flip to net long positions of concerning proportions, says Carley Garner of
When asked how to play the election, we generally respond with "don't." However, we came across an option spread that seems to make a lot of sense, says Carley Garner of
If it weren't for the President's tweet...Late Tuesday afternoon the stock market rally and Treasury market selloff was stopped short of its natural progression by a single tweet, says Carley Garner of

Carley's Videos

The leverage provided by gold and silver futures can be advantageous for those on the right side of the trade but perilous for those on the wrong side. However, due to the highly volatile nature of the products, options are generally priced with high premiums. This enables opportunities for traders to hedge their bets with a risk buffer to speculative plays. Join and learn about the various ways in which traders can participate in gold and silver with a little less risk and stress.

Commodity markets can provide interesting trading opportunities and returns. This panel of experts will explore key issues that informed commodity traders should be aware of when trading these exciting markets. Some of the issues covered will be:

  • What is a commodity super-cycle and are we at the beginning middle or end of it?
  • Is it possible the media's focus on inflation fanned the flames, and maybe even created a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy?
  • How important is an understanding of term structures to investing and trading in the commodity markets?
  • How important is the dollar's role in commodity trading?
  • What are the important clues that the neglected oats market tells us about the grain market generally?
  • What is the difference between cryptocurrencies and gold and why does it matter?
  • Is crypto a commodity or a currency, and does crypto have a future?

These topics and more will provide you with a broad overview of trading commodity markets.

Join us to discuss lower-risk speculative opportunities in a market known for high risks. Precious metals trading is a game of mental stability; traders who can manage their emotions will be better equipped to manage their trading decisions. By using creative option strategies, speculators can participate in the gold market with low and limited risk ways to express market opinions in hopes of profits.

For those who prefer the simplicity of trading futures contracts outright, the CME Group futures offer traders micro-sized contracts enabling leveraged speculation with far less risk than the original contract. These smaller contracts enable traders of all sizes to participate in the gold market more comfortably while employing strategies that were previously reserved for large accounts.

Highlights include:

  • Is gold truly a safe haven and inflation hedge?
  • Gold is an excellent portfolio diversifier and trading vehicle.
  • Does it make sense to always be long gold?
  • Can traders with small accounts trade gold futures?
  • How to trade option butterflies to create low and limited risk plays in an otherwise expensive and risky market.

The futures markets were created to enable farmers and ranchers to hedge their business activities. Further, stock index futures were created to offer portfolio managers an efficient means of hedging; yet most market participants are purely speculating. Join Carley Garner as she goes back to the basics by looking at the E-mini and Micro E-mini stock index futures vehicles for hedging rather than speculating. She will also discuss a portfolio hedge that involves very little out of pocket expense using a combination of long put options and short call options.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What is a portfolio hedge and why it can be beneficial?
  • When should a portfolio hedge be used?
  • What are the various methods of hedging?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods of hedging a stock portfolio?
  • Pure hedge vs. partial hedge
  • The opportunity costs of hedging your stock portfolio with futures and options on futures.

Carley's Books

Carley Garner

Higher Probability Commodity Trading: A Comprehensive Guide to Commodity Market Analysis, Strategy Development, and Risk Management Techniques Aimed a

Higher Probability Commodity Trading takes readers on an unprecedented journey through the treacherous commodity markets; shedding light on topics rarely discussed in trading literature from a unique perspective, with the intention of increasing the odds of success for market participants.
Carley Garner

A Trader's First Book on Commodities: Everything You Need to Know About Futures and Options Trading Before Placing a Trade

“A Trader’s First Book on Commodities” aims to fill the void in trading literature that overlooks the importance in making the right decisions before ever placing a commodity trade such as fully understanding market mechanics and logistics, choosing a proper trading platform, understanding order types, being aware of market data fees and policies, how to quote and calculate profit or loss in each of the commodity markets, preparing for margin calls, and the
Carley Garner

Trading Commodity Options...with Creativity: When, Why, and How to Develop Strategies to Improve the Odds in any Market Environment and Risk-Reward Pr

Trading Commodity Options…with Creativity takes readers on an unfamiliar voyage destined to simplify the options on futures markets and arm market participants with the knowledge to employ smarter commodity market strategies.
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