5 Growth Stocks with Strong Charts


In Part Two of our interview, Kier McDonough of Brigos Capital Management discusses five companies with strong businesses that are in growth mode. He explains his method of screening for great performers, and then investing during a market uptrend.

You can read Part One here.

Kate Stalter: Kier, with all the stocks you’re talking about here, you are not necessarily saying go buy these right now. When a lot of people talk about stocks, that’s what they’re saying. Talk about some of your caveats when you mention a watch-list name.

Kier McDonough: Sure, these are not recommendations. I’ll start with that, but these are stocks that I have on my watch list right now, saying I’m waiting for the market to confirm that it’s in an uptrend.

I’m a trend follower, and right now we don’t have a clear-cut trend. What I’ve noticed is that leading stocks—stocks with the best fundamental stories, the best new products, the best services—these are the ones that tend to outperform the market when you get into a good trading environment. And oftentimes these stocks will go up two, three, five times what the general market will do.

That’s why I concentrate on these, because they can really outperform. Think of it like sailing: You say it’s easier to sail or you go fastest when the wind is at your back, and that’s what I’m looking for.