How Risky Are These 5 UK Stocks?


BP got it wrong. Do these companies get it right? Malcolm Wheatley of The Motley Fool UK takes a microscope to five top London-traded firms to see which ones would fare the best in a Macondo-style disaster.

Over the past few weeks, I've been looking at how a number of FTSE-100 companies are addressing-and communicating-the risks that they face.

In short, I've been asking:

  • How many risks does the business deem significant enough to warn shareholders about?
  • Which are the biggest risks facing the business?
  • What is the business doing about those risks?
  • And how well is the business communicating those risks-and their treatment-to shareholders?

It's been a fascinating series to research, and it's been interesting to see how businesses of a broadly comparable scale can come to some very different conclusions about how to deal with risk.

On Your Marks
Today, I'm going to score five of those companies on their treatment of risk. The companies in question: Vodafone (London: VOD), BHP Billiton (London: BLT), National Grid (London: NG), BG Group (London: BG), and AstraZeneca (London: AZN).

And the three measures that I'm going to use?