Luke Lloyd is a wealth advisor and investment strategist at Strategic Wealth Partners. In this MoneyShow MoneyMasters Podcast episode, which you can watch here, Luke starts by talking about “one of the biggest contributing factors keeping this whole economy afloat” – the debt cycle. He says the government is racking up $1 TRILLION in new debt every 100 days...consumers are increasingly using “Buy Now, Pay Later” plans to fuel spending...and corporations are refinancing old debt with new debt carrying higher interest rates.

Luke then talks about the Federal Reserve’s role in all this debt creation, while sharing a key reason why higher rates haven’t really bitten when it comes to the economy or the stock market. He also highlights the one thing that could mean “the banks stop giving you money and credit card companies stop giving you money,” upsetting the borrow-and-spend dynamic.

Next, we shift to politics and markets – including what shallow (and deep) corrections mean for an incumbent president’s election chances, as well as what Trump or Biden victories would mean for investors in terms of stock and sector selection. Luke and I then chat about a wide range of topics, including his favorite AI plays, stocks that will benefit from the “addiction to lifestyle” trend, which sub-sector in the energy space looks most attractive, and why and how investing in gold can pay off.

We conclude with a quick chat about what Luke will cover at the MoneyShow Masters Symposium Las Vegas, set for Aug. 1-3, 2024 at the Paris Las Vegas. Click here to register

Enjoy the segment – and I’ll be back in touch with my next podcast in a week!