Nancy Tengler is CEO and CIO of Laffer Tengler Investments. In this MoneyShow MoneyMasters Podcast episode, which you can watch here, we cover her market outlook, favorite sectors, thoughts on market concentration, and what you have to do as an investor “when the Hedgies go to the Hamptons!”

The conversation starts with a discussion of her big-picture themes, including why she still likes the technology sector and companies that are profiting from the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” She believes the AI boom is NOT like the Dot-Com Bubble, citing several reasons, including how AI tech is revolutionizing operations and boosting productivity at companies like Walmart Inc. (WMT) and American Express Co. (AXP).

We then pivot to an enlightening discussion about market concentration. She explains why the US benchmarks are actually LESS worrisome than those in Germany, France, or the UK – and names ONE reason why small caps should perk up soon anyway.

Next, she explains why “It’s a loser’s game” to spend too much time worrying about the Federal Reserve – and why several leading tech names have actually BENEFITTED from higher rates. Then we cover two stocks she is shying away from, two stocks she really likes instead, and why one name she’s owned for 13 years exemplifies a core principle of hers: “When we find a company we love, we hang on to it.”

Finally, Nancy shares a sneak peek at what she’ll cover at the MoneyShow Masters Symposium Las Vegas, set for Aug. 1-3, 2024 at the Paris Las Vegas. Click here to register.