Steve Forbes' Election Outlook


Steve Forbes Image Steve Forbes Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Media

Steve Forbes shares his update on the coming election, and what it may mean for the financial markets in 2013.

Nice to have you here with us, Steve. What do you make of where we are in the presidential elections? We're here in the summer. The elections are upon us. We're passing through the conventions. The polls are telling us that the election's very, very tight, and yet we hear things that might be different.

And in past elections particularly-I'm reminded of the 1980 election between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, when we were told that Ronald Reagan was trailing by 6% at about this time. Today we're told that, depending on which poll you look at, Romney and Barack Obama are closely tied, and in some polls, Barack Obama is still ahead.

You've been in this business as a candidate and watching it more closely than anyone I can think of, and we'd love to get your insight into that.

Well, I think what you have here is that people really don't know Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan yet, and so after the conventions, I think that'll start to change dramatically. With the debates, I think you'll see even more of a change.

The negatives that have come to President Obama are not going to be changed, I don't think, between now and November. But I think as people get to know the two other candidates, Romney and Ryan, they're going to see these are individuals of substance.

They understand this is a stark contrast between big government and free markets, and I think at the end of the day, November 6, Romney and Ryan will win because they're more in tune with the principles and the policies that have made this country great.

The Ryan pick.

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