Stocks or ETFs in 2013?


Louis Navellier Image Louis Navellier Editor, Blue Chip Growth and Emerging Growth

Given the stock market's powerful start in 2013, Emerging Growth's Louis Navellier has strong ideas on whether stocks or ETFs will be best for the rest of the year.

Hello, I’m here with Louis Navellier and we’re talking about the stock market and what’s going to happen in 2013. Hi, Louis, and thanks for joining me.

It’s great to be here.

So I read that you said the stock market is changing character. Now we’ve had a great run this year, so what do you mean by that?

Well, we melted up because we had the strongest inflows in 12 years. That’s the good news.

In 12 years? That’s a lot.

Yes, and some of it was exaggerated because there was a lot of cash flow on the sideline due to the fiscal cliff concerns. And we went over the cliff, but at least the market was closed when we did.

But anytime the market goes up, it’s broad based but then it gets narrow. Earnings are coming out, and this is the second of three quarters where the earnings aren’t too good for the overall market. So they’re all sorting this stuff out now, and we expect the breadth and power of the market will start to decay, and the money’s going to chase fewer and fewer stocks.

So it’s more important for the individual investor then to be very choosy about what sector and stock. It’s not throwing the dart anymore.

Oh, absolutely.

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