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About Omar

Omar Ayales is the chief market strategist and trader at Gold Charts R Us, a weekly trading service that achieves gains by trading stocks, bonds, and commodities. Mr. Ayales is an active student of the market and uses correlated technical analysis to guide him through his winning trades. Gold Charts R Us has provided its members with cutting-edge technical insight allowing double- and triple-digit gains in trades, year after year, for over 20 years.

Omar's Articles

US dollar weakness is likely to spill into 2024, becoming a bullish catalyst for foreign currencies and a bullish catalyst for commodities broadly. For my speculative recommendation, I’m recommending Alamos Gold (AGI), writes Omar Ayales, editor of Gold Charts R Us.
The US dollar index continued to slide in 2023, becoming supportive of global currencies and commodities broadly. Dollar weakness could extend into 2024, supporting the ongoing ‘everything’ rise. I like to buy the Sprott Physical Gold Trust (PHYS), explains Omar Ayales, editor of Gold Charts R Us.
Economic indicators across the board in the US continue to show the economy likely peaked last year and momentum has been slowly waning thanks to the Federal Reserve’s actions. Moreover, other global economies could be catching up to the US, particularly emerging markets that keep rising with strength. This is bullish for gold and mining stocks like Agnico Eagle Mines (AEM), explains Omar Ayales, editor of Gold Charts R Us.
Everything I see points towards higher prices, and higher inflation will likely bring more deeply negative real yields. THAT is a situation that is very bullish for gold, and one of my favorite mining stocks, Alamos Gold Inc. (AGI), writes Omar Ayales, editor of Gold Charts R US.

Omar's Videos

Itbeen a year+ since yields on long-date U.S. treasuries broke above a secular bear market, reversing the bond bull market that began in 1981. The shift in paradigm is huge and itjust now starting to be acknowledged by mainstream economists and media. It's fueling volatility in financial markets. It was the talk of the day at the Jackson Hole symposium. What are the implications of higher for longer interest rates? What are the best investment vehicles to profit from the inflationary era that's redefining investing and trading? In this presentation, Omar will walk you through the breakout rise in treasury yields and how it affects commodities, currencies, and financial markets. Take a seat and buckle up, you're about to go on a wild chart walk!

Omar Ayales, Editor of Gold Charts R Us, explains why the 40-year downtrend in inflation is over, and why monetary policymakers will be reluctant to do what they need to do to fight it. He adds that a
The economic recovery post Covid-19 lockdowns has been unbalanced. Some countries are bouncing back stronger, others are lagging. The mismatch created supply chain disruptions on a wide scale, exposing some of the perils of globalization. Its pushing prices up opening the door to inflation not seen since the 80s. And with geo-political tensions still brewing over Ukraine and economic sanctions lingering, inflation could run rampant. Price action on gold and the US dollar are confirming a flight to safety continues to develop. Gold's recent break-out above the 2021 highs at $1,925 is proof. In his presentation, Omar will share his valuable charts, analysis and insights with references, ratios and correlations that have been proven and tested for over 50 years. He will also show you his winning stock picks and trades, and the investment philosophy that has allowed his portfolio to gain double digit returns consistently, year after year, for over 20 years.

The world continues to cope with life since Covid-19 and its variants, including ongoing lockdowns and restrictions; social and health safety consciousness is pushing people to redefine their lives. It's no coincidence job openings in the US remain at record levels and businesses continue to struggle to retain their best employees. A mass exodus from cities to more rural locations is ongoing, and it could be stronger than anticipated. The dynamic is fueling a strong secular boom in commodities across the board, particularly resources and precious metals. Where are they headed and why? What are the risks coming into 2022 and where can we find opportunities? In this presentation Omar Ayales will take you on a chart walk around the world analyzing macroeconomic trends, what world markets are doing and where are they headed so that you can have an edge when trading or investing.

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