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Now in his fifth decade in the financial and investment world, Chris Temple is known as an original and provocative thinker whose accuracy on the markets over time has been uncanny. This he chalks up to long since acquiring the kind of knowledge that he now is privileged to pass on to his members at The National Investor as well as to broader audiences throughout the investment media.

Chris's Articles

Sponsored Content - January’s first several trading days have unfolded exhibiting much the same disconnect between markets and the Federal Reserve that we closed out 2022 with, says Chris Temple, editor and publisher, National Investor Publishing.
Sponsored Content - Though 2022 has been a difficult year for investors, we have indeed seen some early signs that your portfolio’s outperformance will become increasingly dependent in the months (and years?) ahead on proper sector and stock selection; not on “passive” investing, says Chris Temple, editor and publisher, National Investor Publishing,
Sponsored Content - On two discussions last week, Chris Temple, editor and publisher, National Investor Publishing, painted the bleak picture of the mess the Fed (chiefly) and the Biden Administration (a respectable second-place showing) have made of the economy and markets.
Sponsored Content - In short order, the word “pain” has become the favorite word in the vocabulary of Federal Reserve officials, says Chris Temple, editor and publisher, National Investor Publishing, replacing the ridiculed and discredited “transitory” the central bank used for so long to deny the now-entrenched inflation it was creating.

Chris's Videos

In his matter-of-fact, educational and unemotional style, Chris shares with you here the key differences between the epic gold move of the late 1970's Inflation era and the relative underperformance of the gold space in the Inflation context lately. Part history lesson and part common sense, you'll be armed with the knowledge to understand what will cause the next big move in the precious metals sector today.

The most important investing theme you can embrace is The New FAANGs. The former FAANG darlings-Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google-were winners for many years. But now, they have fallen on hard times early in this new bear market for numerous reasons.

Meanwhile, The National Investor has been among the first to highlight The New FAANGs: entire sectors and themes set to be market leaders in the years ahead of us due to a confluence of factors: energy crises, green energy transition attempts, shortages, conflicts over resources and currencies, resource nationalism, and more.

Those new FAANGs are: fuels, aerospace & defense, agriculture, nuclear, and gold/other metals.

In his newest MoneyShow presentation, Chris will give an overview of the factors underpinning each of these themesinsights into the specific recommendations he is making these days to his members. And he'll be answering your questions as wellproviding some follow-up resources for those that want more details.

The Federal Reserve has finally talked tough about inflation; but will do little. The year ahead will be treacherous: President Biden's agenda is stalled and much of the rest of the world is already slipping back into recession. In this webinar, expert Chris Temple explains the market dynamics of the New Year and how to manage your portfolio for The Great Stagflation.