Sponsored Content - The present monetary tightening cycle now seems to be nearing its end (as far as rate hikes by Fed Chairman “Fire Marshall Jay” and his crew are concerned, anyhow; The Fed will reportedly continue trimming its balance sheet for the foreseeable future). That has many investors giddy, says Chris Temple, editor and publisher, National Investor Publishing.

Part of this optimism is that—in many folks’ minds—the end of rate hikes can only mean that the Fed will shortly be taking us back to the magical land of “Z.I.R.P.” (Zero Interest Rate Policy) and disinflation. Thus our present year-end rallies for most risk assets.

But as I explain here, we’re going to see a different outcome in 2024 (and beyond) than the Pollyannas envision. It will be one where either too much (or not enough, as the case may be) supply of credit, market liquidity, and commodities will rule. All told, this will galvanize what I term the “slow, dull ache” of The Great Stagflation.


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