Joon Choi

Senior Portfolio Manager, Research Analyst,

Signalert Asset Management LLC

  • Sr. Portfolio Manager at Signalert Asset Management
  • Over 19 Years Industry Experience
  • Research Analyst and Signalert Asset Management

About Joon

In addition to the daily portfolio management of Signalert's investment partnerships, Joon serves as a research analyst to perform fundamental and quantitative analyses of both equity and bond markets. He also works with the director of research in order to formulate the investment strategies that we utilize in managing client accounts. He has 19 years of industry experience, and 15 years of experience at Signalert. He graduated from Colgate University with a BA degree in economics. He later earned his MBA in finance from New York University. He is also fluent in Korean.

Joon's Articles

The use of margin debt continues to climb in retail brokerage accounts as FINRA recently reported yet another increase of $25B in April (+3% from its March level), states Joon Choi of Signalalert Asset Management.
Although the S&P 500 Index is near record levels, it has been basically flat since April 15. Equity investors are lacking the conviction to push the broad index higher, states Joon Choi of Signalalert Asset Management.
The equity market is performing solidly as the S&P 500 Index (SPX) ended up 5.8% for the first quarter 2021, states Joon Choi of Signalalert Asset Management.
The recent surge of the long-term interest rates (10-year Treasury yield rose from 0.92% to 1.64% this year) in the US was propelled by investors anticipating higher-than-expected inflation due to a quicker forecasted recovery from the current recession, states Joon Choi of Signal Alert Asset Management.
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