September 20-21 ,2019

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Ricky Wen

ES Trade Alerts



Ricky Wen hosts the ES Trade Alerts service at, and also contributes his nightly KISS Report on the E-mini S&P 500 (ES) as well as educational posts to Avi Gilburt's Market Alerts service. Mr. Wen is a full time trader and mentor who has been trading professionally since 2009, focusing on stock options and the ES futures. He is known for his mastery of candlesticks trading, moving averages, chart patterns and feedback loops. Mr. Wen has also developed his own proprietary Hourly Extreme Oversold/Overbought signals.

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08/14/2019 6:00 am EST

Here are the three likely scenarios for equity indexes from Ricky Wen’s Elliott Wave Analysis....

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S&P 500 Bulls Still in Control
07/30/2019 9:47 am EST

The main takeaway from the fourth week of July is that the bulls are trying to close the month on ma...