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Buy Climax at 30th Anniversary of 1987 Stock Market Crash

Will it happen next week? Rare things are rare because they rarely happen. To bet that a rare thing …

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Bearishness Still Sells, but the Market Does Not

As long as the market does not break below the 2520SPX region on that pullback, I expect a rally bac…

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View from London: Why Investing Is About Storytelling

This week may be key for watching the euro/US dollar as the driver for Euribor, eurodollars and equi…

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Sina: Social Media in China

Sina Corp. (SINA) scored a major win with its development of the Weibo (WB) microblogging service, w…

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Mellon: Dividends Since 1785

Through its Bank of New York predecessor, Bank of New York Mellon Corp. (BK) is one of the three old…

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Valuable Brands Boost PepsiCo

PepsiCo (PEP) is a well-managed company with a valuable brand portfolio, and continues to generate s…

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Apogee: Building Bet

A drop-off in earnings can be a sign of weakness. But often the weakness is only temporary, and the …

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Global Growth Is Strong, Trade & Transports Do Well

Amid improving economic reports, what are the chances of a tax plan actually passing this year, writ…

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