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Itbeen a year+ since yields on long-date U.S. treasuries broke above a secular bear market, reversing the bond bull market that began in 1981. The shift in paradigm is huge and itjust now starting to be acknowledged by mainstream economists and media. It's fueling volatility in financial markets. It was the talk of the day at the Jackson Hole symposium. What are the implications of higher for longer interest rates? What are the best investment vehicles to profit from the inflationary era that's redefining investing and trading? In this presentation, Omar will walk you through the breakout rise in treasury yields and how it affects commodities, currencies, and financial markets. Take a seat and buckle up, you're about to go on a wild chart walk!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has commanded the market's attention with technology stocks leading the pack in 2023. Can you use emergent technology to potentially make better decisions in capital markets? Will there be AI Fatigue? Join Nasdaq's Kevin Davitt and Volos' Jeff Corrado for a conversation about AI software and option-based portfolio management.

Zac Mannes and Garrett Patten, senior analysts at ElliottWaveTrader, share their strategy for identifying rotation opportunities in sectors, including precious metals and miners, and which sector ETFs to watch over the coming year and beyond.

The essence of MegaTrend investing is to establish a straightforward, resilient method to identify high-performing stocks and options, ensuring consistent returns without the need for constant adjustments amid market shifts. In this webinar, Gregg Early, US editor of Proffe Invest, delves into a select set of 10 long-term MegaTrend stocks and in-the-money options contracts that possess the capability to surpass market performance.

Here is the recent pattern. 2020 Bear—2021 Bull—:2022 Bear—2023 yes, we are all wondering what 2024 has in store for investors??? That is why 43-year investment veteran Steve Reitmeister shares his outlook, trading plan, and top picks for the year ahead.

Brian is a global expert on using the Anchored VWAP to better time entries and exits. He will review the Anchored VWAP and how to use it for your benefit.

Join leading commentator, speaker, and investment strategist Liz Ann Sonders for an engaging discussion with investment heads from two of the industry's biggest active and passive asset managers Sebastien Page, head of global multi-asset and CIO at T. Rowe Price, and Omar Aguilar, CEO and CIO at Schwab Asset Management. The trio will share their views on the state of the markets and economy leading into 2024 and discuss opportunities for active and passive strategies in today's investing environment. Attendees will get a deeper understanding of market trends that will inform and impact their portfolios and insight into the role active and passive management can play together in a diversified portfolio.

Developed markets have been caught between two forces in 2023, just like Homer's Odysseus. The Scylla of higher inflation/higher interest rates and its negative impacts on some sectors...and the Charybdis of recession worries/global weakness and its negative impacts on others. Homer would have you believe there is no third way. That you can't navigate your way past them without sacrifice. But was he wrong? MoneyShow Editor-in-Chief Mike Larson will share his thoughts - and recommendations - for investors in this presentation.

Earnings season has many opportunities if you know where to look. I use a statistically backed, strategic approach to identify trading setups surrounding earnings season. And right now, is precisely the moment in time you want to be on the lookout. Why? We are in the Hot Zone: the distinct moment pre-earnings when you must jump on these moves. Options traders take note and join me to learn how to find stocks in the Hot Zone.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of successful trading in the gold and forex markets? Whether you're a seasoned trader looking to refine your skills or a beginner seeking a solid foundation, join Kathy Lien for an insightful presentation designed to empower you with valuable tips, tricks, and strategies to navigate these dynamic markets effectively. Expect to learn what really moves these markets, and uncover key principles, risk management strategies, and insider tips that will enable you to identify trades with precision and confidence.

Earnings season is highly anticipated by many traders as it provides new data for them to analyze and formulate possible trading strategies around. Join Moomoo Technologies VP of Strategy, Justin Zacks as he explains the different options some strategies traders may use when companies report earnings. He will discuss the impact of financial news and the differences in analyzing implied and realized volatility during a company's earnings week.

Restaurant companies enjoy high multiples of earnings due to the duplicatable nature of their business and their ability to rely on proven management. Join 23 Restaurant Services to learn how it has positioned itself to drive incredible returns for its investors, partners, and shareholders while becoming a go-to partner in the hospitality space for iconic brands such as Ford Motor Company, Arnold Palmer Enterprises, and Top Golf. 23 Restaurant Services has a 10-year-plus proven track record of averaging system-wide annual returns for their investors of 20.1%.

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