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The wall of worry is so high now that it seems insurmountable. But is it, asks Joe Duarte of In the Money Options.
Friday’s note highlighted how equities were sitting on a fence with participants trying to decide where to go next, states Ian Murphy of
In Tuesday’s weekly commentary I showed that the recent retreat for the market seems to be nothing more than the 7th test of the 50-day moving average this year, says Steve Reitmeister, editor of Reitmeister Total Return.
For now, the S&P 500 (SPX) has tentatively found support near 4435. But that only occurred this week, so it is hardly seasoned or tested, says Larry McMillan of Option Strategist.
Occasionally good stocks decline even when business is growing strongly. It’s the weirdest thing and also it is always a buying opportunity, suggests Jon Markman, growth stock specialist and editor of Strategic Advantage.
With the stock market reaching new highs while so many troubling world events are in progress, the risk of a significant decline is increasing, explains Jim Powell, growth and income specialist and editor of Global Changes & Opportunities Report.
What a deal; here’s a Hooker that will pay you. That would be Hooker Furniture (HOFT), a top-five leader in household and office/home office furniture, headquartered in Martinsville, Virginia, asserts Paul Price, a daily columnist with TheStreet’s Real Money Pro.
The Little River Investment Guide focuses on stocks that offer a combination of growth and income. Here, editor Nate Pile looks at two recent additions to the portfolio — a New York regional bank and a Dallas-based REIT.
Almost two years ago I wrote a piece titled, Is It Time to Get Bullish on Green Bud? The cannabis stocks had been in the midst of a pretty serious crash in price after the bubble had burst a year or so beforehand, recalls Jesse Felder of The Felder Report.
One of the most interesting developments in the financial markets in 2021 is the rise of the meme stock, says Jay Soloff of Investors Alley.

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Jim Garofalo, president and CEO of Professional Coin Galleries, says the US Mint is experiencing historic shortages of precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. PCG helps its investors grow and protect their nest egg by offering only the finest and rarest numismatic coins. With the worldwide shortage of precious metals combined with the US Mint being severely compromised like never before, the opportunity for protection and profit with numismatic coins has never been greater. From the novice to the savviest collector, PCG has the experience and knowledge to help its clients achieve immense success.
Come hear Mark Leibovit, #1 US Market Timer, former Nightly Business Report <em>Market Monitor</em> guest, and <em>Wall Street Week</em> "Elf", who is bringing his 42 years of experience to highlight where he sees the US Dollar and major futures markets. During this session he will focus especially on gold and silver in the weeks ahead using both his cyclical, technical, and proprietary Leibovit Volume Reversal analysis available at
This presentation with Lyn Alden Schwartzer will cover how metals fit into the current macro environment.
Gold prices dropped in the first half of 2021 but concerns about inflation and capital preservation may be part of a collection of macro factors that could drive higher prices for the rest of the year. For stock investors not accustomed to including gold in their portfolio composition, there may be some opportunities to consider in gold miners and royalty stocks. In this session, Doug Gerlach will discuss some of his favorite gold miners from the perspective of fundamental, long-term focused investors, taken from his market-beating <em>SmallCap Informer</em> newsletter.
Giga Metals is a TSX-listed junior exploration company with 100% ownership of the Turnagain nickel-cobalt deposit in British Columbia, Canada. Turnagain is one of the few global nickel resources that could meet future demands of sustainable and ethically sourced battery-grade nickel. Giga Metals' goal is to be the world's first carbon-neutral nickel mine. The company has recently reported an updated Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) that models production of an average of 33,000 tonnes of nickel per year over a 37-year mine life.
Silver is a cross between monetary and industrial metals. Historically low-interest rates, record stimulus, and infrastructure spending demand silver as an inflation hedge. The fourth industrial revolution of decarbonization is being coordinated on a global basis. Green tech and easy money are leading to a massive silver shock. Profit by investing in the best silver plays available.
Recently, the cascading reports of surging inflation has confirmed many of our inflation forecasts. When bad inflation data emerges, gold doesn't rally. What gives? Most investors don't seem to have much interest in hard asset protection against the dollar weakness that increasing inflation should create. Investors believe that the Fed is hawkish on inflation and will soon deliver aggressive rate hikes that will hurt gold. Shockingly they don't seem to realize just how tightly the Fed's monetary straight jacket is tied. Since any move to meaningfully tighten monetary policy will crash the markets, all the Fed will do is talk. For now, the market listens. But their story is growing thinner by the moment. Peter Schiff will explain what the end game may look like.
When you've spent most of your career immersed in a particular fieldin this case, the mining sectoryou develop a spidey sense about which under-the-radar gems have the potential to become home runs. This panel of veteran mining experts with decades of experience will discuss the critical things they look at when making an investment decision and some of the fatal flaws. Each of them will pick one company that meets their criteria and explain why. The insights you will gain from this session will help you develop a skill set that enables you to make maximum profits while minimizing losses when investing in this high-reward, but sometimes, high-risk sector.
We are in uncharted waters, and Mary Anne Aden, Pamela Aden, and Omar Ayales are joining the MoneyShow Virtual Expo to explain why! Is inflation here to stay? Will bitcoin replace gold? Is gold headed much higher? How will the stock market bubble end? And, most importantly, what in the world should you invest in now? Tune in to this panel to learn and discuss how all of this affects you and your investments.