EMX Royalty (EMX) is a junior company with a market cap of just $276 million, but it’s on the verge of becoming much bigger, forecasts Sean Brodrick, editor of Wealth Megatrends.

EMX has 129 royalties on properties in 10 countries, and has added some recently that may be game changers for the company, massively ramping up its revenue.

To be clear, the company’s current revenue is very small. But it’s about to grow … a LOT! EMX Royalty will have so much cash flow next year, it will start paying a dividend. And that makes it a good fit for your portfolio.

EMX is forecast to lose 8 cents per share this year. But then it’s expected to vault into profit territory, earning 17 cents a share in 2022. Sure, we’re buying it early — and we’re also buying it potentially ahead of the funds that want to own dividend-paying stocks and will now have EMX on their radar.

Here’s the daily chart:


You can see that EMX bottomed earlier this month and has now pushed its way above its 20-day and 50-day moving averages (the short-term and medium-term trends).

The Force Index is positive, though it’s weakening as EMX consolidates for its next move. I believe the next big move takes it above $3 a share.

After that, we’ll see ... but revenue is going to ramp up, as is cash flow. This is a royalty company, and EMX is leveraged to copper, gold, silver, lead, zinc and even battery metals. I believe this stock could go much higher.

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