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Join Michael Berger LIVE at The MoneyShow Orlando!

Rapidly Growing Cannabis Technology Company MassRoots (MSRT) Making Moves Towards the Nasdaq

10/15/2015 9:40 am EST


Michael Berger

President & Founder,

This company is positioning itself to be the dominant player in the marijuana advertising space, so Michael Berger, of, outlines the reasons he believes it is now poised to generate significant revenue in the quarters ahead.

In late August, MassRoots (MSRT) announced it had submitted an application to uplist to the Nasdaq, aiming to become the first cannabis technology company to do so. Over the past few weeks, we have seen the stock consolidate, creating an excellent opportunity for investors to get in. 

When investing in cannabis stocks, investors need to be cautious of pump and dumps, easily replicated business models and outright scams. MassRoots is a completely different type of company: last year, MassRoots was the first cannabis-related company to go public through an S-1 Registration Statement and the full SEC vetting process.

Earlier this year, after Apple (AAPL) kicked MassRoots out of the App Store, the app’s users successfully waged a campaign to get it reinstated. By every standard, MassRoots is a legitimate company with serious prospects for the future, which is why we believe it stands a good chance of being successfully uplisted to the Nasdaq.

Taking the Lion’s Share in Fastest Growing Market

In a regulatory filing earlier this month, MassRoots disclosed it had crossed 575,000 users and its user growth had accelerated roughly 20% month-over-month. As the company is in a quiet period, only very savvy investors caught this very important disclosure.

More so than anything else, Wall Street is valuing growth as the most important aspect of businesses, especially in light of Twitter’s (TWTR) and Facebook’s (FB) decelerating user growth. MassRoots’ user growth chart, as disclosed in its S-1, is starting to look more and more exponential as it quickly becomes one of the first national cannabis brands.

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Revenues to Ramp Exponentially

In mid-August, MassRoots announced it had begun to monetize its userbase through advertising. Around the same time, the company’s investment bank, Chardan Capital Markets, put out a research report projecting MassRoots will generate close to $500,000 in revenue this year before scaling to $5 million next year.

MassRoots is positioning itself to be the dominant player in the marijuana advertising space, allowing businesses to reach its hundreds of thousands of cannabis consumers. With several states, including California, expected to have cannabis legalization on the ballot during the 2016 elections, we believe MassRoots is poised to generate significant revenue in the quarters ahead.

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Want to Learn More?

Investors that want to learn more about MSRT need to tune in or attend the company’s presentation when they sponsor the Cannabis Investing Symposium at the World MoneyShow Toronto on October 30-31, 2015.

Michael Berger, Founder and President,

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