When you have “bull” in your brand name you need to be able to trust great companies to prevail through the market’s mood cycle; that’s how we feel about Shopify (SHOP), asserts Todd Shaver, growth stock expert and editor of Bull Market Report.

We loved the stock at the pre-split equivalent of $7 five years ago and remained loyal on its more recent plunge from around $170. The disruptive power that drives SHOP has not evaporated in the intervening year.

Revenue has increased 22% since this was a $170 stock and a rising slice of that sales mix is coming from recurring and reliable subscriptions and other fees, liberating the company from the stress that comes when merchants on the platform need to push more product before SHOP shareholders see results.

We welcome this evolution. And in our view, it’s going to accelerate the previously elusive moment when management chooses to stop pouring money into marketing and embraces sustainable profitability.

That decision can come at any time. When it does, critics will finally need to stop talking about SHOP as another fragile upstart and treat the company as what it is — the most exciting thing in e-commerce since Amazon (AMZN) changed the world decades ago, and a worthy alternative to what Jeff Bezos’ baby is doing now.

A decade from now, SHOP will be the platform of choice for everyone who isn’t Walmart (WMT) or Amazon and still wants to sell products online. That’s the entirety of retail. It’s going to be huge. 

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