Join Jay Soloff LIVE at The MoneyShow Las Vegas!

Join Jay Soloff LIVE at The MoneyShow Las Vegas!

Trade of the Week: Slack

05/15/2020 9:10 am EST


Jay Soloff

Options Portfolio Manager, Options Floor Trader PRO

One of the big trends in stocks is buying companies that are likely to thrive in a work-from-home environment. With many offices closed and employees working remotely, companies like Slack Technologies Inc. (WORK) stand to gain a lot of business. Slack allows coworkers to communicate with each other individually or in groups, along with the ability to share files, videos, etc. WORK's share price has climbed in recent days as investors believe the company is well positioned in the work-from-home space. Options buyers also appear to be bullish on the company.

Jay Soloff is the Options Portfolio Manager at Investors Alley. He is the editor for Options Floor Trader, an investment advisory bringing you professional options trading strategies, with all the bells and whistles of Wall Street, but simplified so all you have to do is enter the trades with your broker. 

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