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Transparency, diversification, and low-cost access to practically any market, sector, or asset class make exchange traded funds highly attractive to investors and traders alike. But, to outperform benchmark index funds, you really need expert guidance and a sound strategy that gets results. Our experts will cover all the bases and provide the tools and knowledge you need to tap into outperforming investments, year in and year out.

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The best way to demonstrate a strategy is to trade it in a real account with real money states Ian Murphy of
Happy April Fools’ Day...TOMORROW (What? There’s no “MoneyShow Market Minute” since the holiday is on a Saturday, so I had to be early!)
There is plenty of evidence that U.S. markets are all about the Fed right now. We see two sides lining up when it comes to where Fed policy is headed, and our models suggest getting less “growthy” by focusing on the Fidelity Equity Dividend Income Fund (FEQTX), explains Brian Kelly, editor of MoneyLetter.
We’re nearing a major buy signal. History shows it’s worth waiting for, states Lucas Downey of
Get out those “S&P 4,000” hats...again. The index punched through that level yesterday and equities are set for more gains at the open.
We’re going to dig into one of my favorite months of the year – April. The month is home to April Fool’s Day, Tax Day, Earth Day, and my personal favorite holiday, Greek Easter. But none of those are why I’m bullish this month. The reason I’m bullish has to do with one of the strongest long-term trends in the markets, comments Matthew Carr, editor of The First Bar with Matthew Carr.
You're seeing the permabears pointing to the equally weighted S&P 500 (RSP) falling towards new 52-week lows relative to the Market-cap weighted version, states JC Parets of
Equities are finding their mojo this morning, rising nicely after yesterday’s lackluster session. Gold and silver are slightly lower, oil is a bit higher, and Treasuries and the dollar are mostly flat.
The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) just raised interest rates for the ninth time, pushing the Fed funds target range higher by 25 basis points to 4.75%- 5.00%. But confusion about the Federal Reserve’s future policy steps has left markets in limbo, writes Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist of CFRA Research in the firm’s flagship newsletter, The Outlook.
Despite the gloom and doom and increased volatility, money seems to be moving into the stock market, states Joe Duarte, editor of In the Money Options.

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In this Eagle Financial Publications panel, Eagle's experts will discuss the key aspects needed to bring the bull market back... and what sectors will soar. Moderated by Roger Michalski. Panelists include Dr. Mark Skousen, Bryan Perry and Jim Woods.

Join Nancy Tengler for this overview on inflation, recession, and how and where to invest now.

The 2020s are unlikely to provide the type of straight-up stock market that investors became accustomed to in the 2010s, especially in inflation-adjusted terms. Equity valuations started this decade at much higher levels and higher interest rates, and tighter labor conditions may place longer-term pressure on both equity valuations and profit margins going forward. Lyn Alden will discuss income-oriented strategies to generate returns even in a sideways, choppy period for markets.
You are invited to see the 23-year back-test of our advanced trade-timing rules. Mike Turner will walk you through the process that he used, the consistency of the rules and how they worked in a blind trading back-test. The results are stunning. He will show you how he is putting these rules to work in the current market. As frustrating as the last 2 years have been, you will not want to miss this. Here is a hint: The S&P 500 gained about 175% from 2000 to 2023. Mike will show you a blind study that gained over 9,000% in that same time frame using just 2 ETFs. This is a break-through in technical trading that you will want to see firsthand!

Inna Rosputnia, CEO of Managed Accounts IR, shares her secrets to trading well-known patterns to generate returns in trending and in a sideway market. Inna's strategies helped her to gain over 100% annually since 2018. Join our session to learn her approach.

Phil Flynn will discuss his views on Fed policies and their impact.
Has inflation peaked or will it remain entrenched like in the 1970s? The answer has enormous implications for investors today. In this presentation, Kim Ann Curtin of The Wall Street Coach will interview Team Doomberg to discuss what lies ahead in 2023, the hidden opportunities, and how they are preparing their portfolio in the face of so much uncertainty.

It's a new inflation and interest rate regime - and that means you need new investment strategies to survive and thrive. In this presentation, John Davi of Astoria Advisors will share his top 10 ETF ideas for an environment of higher short-term interest rates and higher inflation. The next decade will NOT see the same winners as the previous regime. So, don't get caught looking in the rear-view mirror when it comes to your portfolio!

There are loads of headline risk, inflation, and recession fears out there, as well as geopolitical concerns. But this recent selloff was rather typical seasonal behavior for February, especially the latter half of the month. February is the weakest link in the Best Six Months, November-April, and is the second worst month of the year. Plus, on the heels of the massive rally of the October and December lows, the market sure needed a bit of a respite. After a textbook Stock Trader's Almanac 4-Year Cycle midterm year October bear market bottom the prospects were bullish for 2023 at the outset. Now that the market has hit Jeff's Bullish January Indicator Trifecta his 2023 Forecast Best Case Scenario is in play. Join Jeff for his updated outlook on the Sweet Spot of the 4-year cycle and his latest sector ETF trades and undervalued under-the-radar stock picks.

Ken Mahoney presents his go-to tactics and tools for trading and investing that he has attained with 34 years of experience in the industry.



In the past decade or so, exchange traded funds have been transformed from obscure institutional trading vehicles to extraordinarily popular investment tools. They now dominate the investing landscape with over 2,000 products available and have empowered investors and traders as never before, enabling them to build highly effective portfolios. Yet there's more to the ETF universe than investors and traders may even know.’s roster of top ETF and ETF-trading experts can show you how to use ETFs to achieve peak results. From factor ETFs to leveraged ETFs to smart-beta ETFs to buffered ETFs, learn how you can use ETFs to effectively transform your own portfolio.

ETFs can provide a cost-effective way to get into areas of the market that are poised to deliver results. Simple portfolio rotation can meet the goals of solid performance with few trades, little time and effort spent analyzing ETFs, and confidence from side-stepping huge drawdowns. Learn proven ETF-trading strategies from some of the top professional traders in the country who consistently achieve stellar results. More than just the very best in ETF picks, you’ll take away real, practical knowledge about how to recognize the best growth, income, and value opportunities, choose the right sectors and asset classes, and know when (and precisely how) to rotate ETF holdings for optimum results through every economic and market cycle.

Whether you are a seasoned ETF investor or just starting to get your feet wet, you can get actionable advice from some of the top names in the industry here.