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Marc Courtenay




Marc Courtenay is the founder and owner of Advanced Investor Technologies, LLC, as well as the publisher and editor at the internationally acclaimed Web site, ChecktheMarkets.com. In his role as a financial editor, he specializes in unique investment strategies, wealth preservation, risk management, tax issues, value stocks, precious metals, emerging growth companies and ETFs, as well as "the psychology of investing." Besides his role as an investment publisher, author, and analyst, he serves as a marketing consultant to the investment publishing and investment media industries. A skilled financial analyst, Mr. Courtenay is a former senior vice president of investments for two major brokerage firms. His mission, in regards to his contribution to The Ultimate Income Letter, is to sleuth out unique opportunities; Mr. Courtenay's attention recently is fixed on consumer strategies aimed at stretching your dollars. As a long-time contributor of over 200 articles at Seeking Alpha, he has been recently focusing on the investment themes revolving around over-looked, lower-risk, and high-potential sectors and companies. Mr. Courtenay's research, reporting, and writing has centered on natural resource companies, especially energy, precious metals, and agricultural minerals/nutrients producers as well as the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. He holds an MS in psychology from California Polytechnic State University.