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Beth Gaston Moon

Schaeffer's Investment Research, Inc.


Beth Gaston Moon, senior editor and writer, has been in the research department at Schaeffer's Investment Research since 1997. Bernie Schaeffer trained her in the expectational analysis methodology and she is an expert at applying sentiment and technical analysis to stocks, sectors, and the market as a whole. Ms. Moon writes daily market commentaries for SchaeffersResearch.com and is a regular contributor to Schaeffer's Gold, the company's premium Web offering. She also served as the content manager of the Mastering Advanced Options Strategies home-study program. In 2004, Ms. Moon was recognized as a "Woman in Finance" by Money Show Digest. Earlier this year, she was one of six participants in the MSN Money Strategy Lab. Ms. Moon's market comments have appeared in several media outlets, including Dow Jones Newswires, CBS MarketWatch, Money Show Digest, and Reuters. She is additionally a contributing author for Stocks, Futures & Options magazine.