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Jason Bodner



  • Co-Founder at Mapsignals.com
  • Contributes to Navellier & Associates Sector Spotlight
  • Editor of Palm Beach Trader for Legacy Research Group

About Jason

Jason Bodner is an accomplished investor and stock researcher reaching tens of thousands of people each week. He co-founded MAPsignals.com, a quantitative equity research firm focusing on unusual institutional trading. Mr. Bodner contributes to Navellier & Associates' weekly, writing Sector Spotlight and several white papers. He is also the editor of Quantum Edge for TradeSmith. Previously, Mr. Bodner served as director of European equity derivatives for Cantor Fitzgerald Europe in London, then moved to the role of head of equity derivatives North America for the same company in New York. He also served as S.V.P. equity derivatives for Jefferies, LLC.

Jason's Articles

I have good news and bad news for you. Which do you want to hear first? Apparently, it matters which one you hear first. According to one psychological study, people who get the bad news first end up in a better mood after hearing both. Those who get good news first aren’t likely to be encouraged in the end, writes Jason Bodner, editor at Navellier & Associates.
ETFs are super popular. Have you ever wondered how to trade ETFs like a pro, ask Jason Bodner and Lucas Downey of Mapsignals.com.
Everything is in interpretation. One great example of this is when Kentucky Fried Chicken started expanding to China in the 1980s. They tried in earnest for a literal translation to Mandarin of their famous slogan: “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good!”, but instead it came out more like “Eat Your Fingers Off!” That doesn’t exactly scream ‘delicious’…unless you’re a cannibal, writes Jason Bodner, editor at Navellier & Associates.
My Top Pick for a more pure growth investment comes right from the our quantitative research process; each day our systems sweep through more than 6,000 US stocks and ADRs to identify the best in show, suggests Jason Bodner, co-founder and editor at MAPSignals.

Jason's Videos

A look into how AI, predictive analytics, and huge institutional money flows can give you an edge when investing in stocks. We will discuss proprietary powerful algorithms, stock picking, and how you can arm yourself with the most powerful tools to supercharge your investing.

Join Jason Bodner as he discusses how AI and quantitative analysis show us how to profit from the next wave of winning stocks.

Join Jason Bodner, co-founder of Mapsignals.com to discover how to crush the market using his process of building a portfolio of outlier stocks on two days a year.
Join Jason Bodner to discover how a handful of stocks are responsible for most of the market's gains. Following the big money spots these outliers year after year!