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The derivatives markets have exploded in popularity, trading volume, and complexity over the years, providing more investing and trading choices than ever before. Whether making a directional bet, volatility play, or hedging risk, derivatives allow you to calibrate every position to maximize profit and minimize risk. Learn powerful analysis methods, diverse trade set-ups, and execution techniques from top professional investors and traders.

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Over the past four years, silver has tested $30 three times. We’ve even seen silver reach new multi-decade highs in most major currencies. Then BOOM! It surged to $28 in April, pulled back to $26, then rocketed to $32 in the last three weeks. I like Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. (WPM) as a way to capitalize, suggests Peter Krauth, editor of Silver Stock Investor.
As someone who has followed the markets for a very long time and learned from many of the smartest investors to play the game, I’ve learned that one thing you never do is say these words: “This time is different.” But I’m saying it now. The current gold market is like nothing we’ve seen before, with different drivers and different results, counsels Brien Lundin, editor of Gold Newsletter.
I am not a “gold bug” but I will admit to being bugged by gold. That is, all of the attention it gets based on a reputation. I think that like Bitcoin, meme stocks, and wildly-overvalued mega cap stocks, there’s one reason to own gold: Because others are buying it and lifting the price, which can create short-to-intermediate-term profits for me in things like the SPDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD), writes Robert Isbitts, editor of ETFYourself.com.
For today’s Trade of the Day we will be looking at a daily price chart for Constellation Energy Corp. (CEG). Before breaking down CEG’s daily price chart, let’s first review which products and services are offered by the company, writes Chuck Hughes, co-founder of Hughes Optioneering.
(Sponsored Content) New York spot gold gained 1.5% to close at $2,375 last Friday, the highest level in nearly three weeks, as weak jobs and consumer data combined with net-dovish Fed comments to reinforce expectations of lower interest rates. Gold rose 2.9% for the week, its best week in five. Silver rose 0.5% to finish at $28.28 and post a weekly gain of 6.9%, writes Bill Musgrave with Dana Samuelson, vice president and president, American Gold Exchange Inc.
Gold fell in the first half of Monday’s session, apparently due to profit-taking following its 2.5% gain last week that saw the metal end a two-week losing streak, states Fawad Razaqzada of Trading Candles.
In this Trade Review video, I cover my 100% winner which was a directional butterfly in Amazon (AMZN), states Danielle Shay of Fivestartrader.com.
Agnico-Eagle (AEM) reported a very strong first-quarter result, with higher production and lower costs — showing once again why it is the best in class, asserts Adrian Day, resources sector expert and editor of Global Analyst.
Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) is proving to be the best company to profit from the new copper bull market, suggests Mark Skousen, economist, global strategist and editor of Forecasts & Strategies.
Gold and precious metals mining stocks are prone to major boom and bust cycles and lately, both have been on the run higher. Whether you want to attribute the rise to concerns about inflation, sovereign debt, geopolitical risks, or supply/demand dynamics, the reality is these stocks are moving. I recommend getting involved with Alamos Gold (AGI), advises Tyler Laundon, editor of Cabot Early Opportunities.

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Stock markets are overvalued, and a recession is looming. Precious metals are breaking out. Silver’s uses in solar panels, EVs, and even AI applications make it the “new oil.” But its price has major catching up to do. Silver will be the next uranium, which doubled in six months causing uranium stocks to soar. Now is the time to get positioned in silver and silver stocks. 

Index options have grown in popularity among many retail investors who have discovered their unique characteristics. Join Moomoo Technologies VP of Strategy Justin Zacks as he explains how investors may be using index options in their trading strategies. He will discuss the differences in settlement, style, tax treatment, and underlying securities between index options and other types of options.

Join thought leaders from NEOS Investments and Nasdaq to understand the evolution of options-based products and pairing tax efficiency with income generation, as well as break down the complexity of yield. 

Let’s face it—not all stock buys end up winners. Thankfully, due to the versatility of options, there is a strategy designed to potentially recoup some of these losses without additional costs or taking on additional risks. Join OIC instructor Mark Benzaquen as he dissects and discusses the Stock Repair strategy in this lively and engaging virtual session designed for learners of all levels. 

Gary Kaltbaum will show you exactly where you need to be in the markets as well as what to avoid. It is in these chart patterns that he will show you the definable uptrends and downtrends. What is emerging? What is submerging? 

Now a quarter into the new year it's already time to update the market outlook. The investing playbook that worked so well in 2023 has to be thrown out. We need to focus on these new leaders to enjoy superior results. That is why 43-year investment veteran, Steve Reitmeister, details a trading plan and top picks to outperform the remainder of the year. 

Join Lawrence G. McMillan where he will discuss the current state of his option-oriented indicators and what they are saying about the stock market plus several seasonal trades that are about to occur. He will also discuss various historical patterns, including the following topics:  the performance of $SPX, what the option markets are saying, upcoming seasonal trades, and much, much more. 

By many measures, index-option volatility is at its lowest levels in years. What does that mean for your trading and forward-looking risk? 

Tune in to hear MoneyShow Editor-in-Chief Mike Larson discuss the Parking Vault concept and how investors can participate in the firm’s opportunity with CEO Cole McDowell. 

This session will review Crossmark’s/Bob Doll’s ten predictions for 2024 related to the economy and investment markets. 



The growth of financial futures has been one of the most remarkable success stories in the markets. Their age is relatively green at just a little over 50 years old. Originally created to help farmers hedge against price changes between crop planting and harvesting, futures have grown since then to include interest rates, foreign exchange, metals, energy, weather, and even Bitcoin.

Whether trading agricultural commodities, energy futures, metals, stock indexes, or even the softs; futures provide the best bang for your buck. But leverage is a two-sided blade. In this section, MoneyShow.com trading experts provide a deep dive into the current futures market activity and price action to help you find ways to strengthen your portfolio, while mitigating risk and exploiting opportunities in these diverse markets.

Discover unique and critical futures trading strategies to help you generate more consistent profits and better manage your portfolio risk. From in-depth futures market economics to spread trading, you will take away new knowledge to help you better identify trading opportunities. Our contributors will share with you their time-tested commodities investing strategies and futures trading strategies. The insights you will learn will help you in your investing or trading with market intelligence that you cannot find elsewhere.

At the same time, the opportunities now available to individual traders in the option arena are astounding, having exploded in volume and complexity in recent years, offering option traders the ability to trade, hedge, or speculate in just about any stock, ETF, or commodity.

Our goal in these pages is to start you down the path of options trading and help you avoid many of the pitfalls that beginning options traders experience. Some of the top names in trading will familiarize you with options—what they are, how they work, and what opportunities they present. You’ll learn practical knowledge about when it is appropriate to buy/sell puts or calls, covered-call writing strategies, and advice on when to use each of these strategies. More experienced traders will learn profitable options trading strategies to help you make more money and better manage your portfolio risk.