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In the latest edition of market review, Larry Gaines of discusses trading the market top using a long put condor strategy.
Earlier this year, surges in GameStop (GME), Blackberry (BB), and AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC) were prompted by retail traders rallying on Reddit to coordinate purchasing of stocks with significant short interest, in turn, inducing short squeezes, states Garrett DeSimone of OptionMetrics.
Bristol Myers Squibb Company (BMY) sells at a low valuation due to worries over patent expirations for Revlimid (starting in 2022) and Opdivo and Eliquis (starting in 2026), observes Bruce Kaser, editor of Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor.
Cannabis stocks have fallen out of favor. In fact, the selling since March has been relentless. This is happening even though fundamentals are looking better than ever, observes Sean Brodrick, growth stock specialist and editor of WealthWave.
You’re probably familiar with IMAX Corporation (IMAX), which is capturing a growing slice of the box office industry, observes Frank Curzio, growth stock expert and editor of Curzio Research Advisory.
The last weeks of August brought us three split announcements to consider as an addition to our model portfolio that is comprised exclusively of stocks that have announced stock splits, explains Neil Macneale, editor of 2-for-1 Stock Split Newsletter.
The Federal Reserve’s policy meeting concludes at 1:00 pm CT. Will they announce a taper or push it out to later this year, asks Bill Baruch of Blue Line Futures?
After months of record highs, red flags in the stock market have appeared, states Bob Lang of Explosive Options.
Oil prices were hit hard on stormy seas as macroeconomic fears have overcome concerns about a supply shortage, at least for yesterday, says Phil Flynn of the PRICE Futures Group.
China Evergrande Group. Ever heard of it? Unless you live in China...or invest actively in Chinese markets...chances are the answer is “No,” at least not until the last few weeks, explains Mike Larson, editor of Safe Money Report.

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Pat Dunwoody will speak about why ETFs are being considered a new investment option for many investors, even though it is 30 years old, and where the industry is going. She will also try to debunk several of the ETF myths that continue to circulate.
2021 is shaping up to be a record-breaking year of inflows for the ETF industry in both Canada and the United States. What segments of the market have been gaining traction? What are some of the interesting trends in fund flows? What themes and investment styles are growing in popularity? What new products are being launched? Tiffany Zhang, ETF analyst with National Bank's ETF Research and Strategy group, is here to answer these questions and provide an overview of the ETF landscape for Canadian investors.
This webinar will cover how to use ETFs to be tactical in today's environment and how Ted Bader and SIA Wealth Management use the SIA Charts system of relative strength to make these selections. He will also cover how the company has built two ETFs with BMO that are truly tactical.
For those interested in investing in disruptive technologies, the path can be both rewarding and complex. However, capturing these growth trends requires in-depth research paired with a diversified approach. In this panel, you'll hear from a roster of ETF experts whose companies are at the forefront of this technology revolution and will examine the best ways for investors to capitalize on long-term growth trends.
Entrepreneur Som Seif, founder and CEO of Purpose Investments, explains how investors can strategically incorporate ETFs as mechanisms and tools in their portfolios to amplify profit and preserve capital. Mr. Seif will be in discussion with Mark Bunting, publisher and host of <em>Uncommon Sense Investor</em>, and John O'Connell, chairman and CEO of Davis Rea Investment Counsel.
John De Goey will be talking about a challenge to advisors and investors alike - Optimism Bias. It is just one of many behavioral quirks that we all fall prey to, but one that might do the most harm in the current high-valuation environment. The term he uses to describe the industry's mindset is Bullshift - a cheeky portmanteau that combines the unbridled optimism of bullishness with the industry's unwavering ability to shift attention toward good news - no matter what the circumstances tell us.
<p>Participating in innovation is exciting, and you can do so right here at home with Canadian-listed ETFs. As Canadian investors you have access to the US-listed ETFs, meaning that you have access to top-performing and famous innovation strategies. However, if that same innovation strategy is available to you in Canadian-listed form why are you still buying US? You can participate in innovation in Canada through Canadian-listed ETFs.</p><p>Lisa Langley, CEO and founder of Emerge Canada, Inc., will be discussing the importance of allocating and investing in innovation and also the importance of how you are investing in innovation. She believes that it's time to buy local&#8212;buy Canadian&#8212;buy Canadian-made ETFs.</p>
Technology was growing exponentially before the pandemic, and had to grow even faster as a result of it. Tune in to find out why there is still more to get excited about, and what TD ETF offers a global pure-technology solution.
ETFs give individual investors flexibility, access to various exposures and instant diversification. However, with so many options for even the same type of exposure it can be overwhelming to sort through all the options. This session will help investors know what factors to pay attention to when comparing ETFs and how to pick ETFs that complement their respective portfolios.
With so many ETFs on the market today, and more launching every year, it can be tough to determine which product will work best in your portfolio. In this panel discussion, you will hear from some of Canada's leading female ETF experts on how investors should evaluate the ever-expanding ETF landscape and walk away with simple strategies to help you get started.