The Difference Between the Elite Trader and the Lesser Trader

01/14/2016 6:00 am EST


Michael Bellafiore

Author, One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading

Veteran trader Mike Bellafiore, of SMB Capital, highlights a screenshot an experienced trader learning futures on a new platform sent him for the benefit of all traders to stress the importance of caring—not merely about gains—but about the process.

Trader A is an experienced trader learning futures on a new platform above, as he shared with me with this screenshot.

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Trader A is up over 2k in two hours of futures trading.  What he cares about makes all the difference.

Here is what Trader A said about his start:


The elite trader is proud of learning a new platform.

The elite trader is excited to learn a new product.

The elite trader develops goals to trade this product incrementally bigger.

The elite trader takes notes on how to trade this new product better.

The lesser trader cares he is up 2k. To read the entire article click here…

By Mike Bellafiore of SMB Capital

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