Rare Earth: A Play on Strategic Metals


Mark Skousen Image Mark Skousen Editor, Forecasts & Strategies, High-Income Alert

Gold prices have been on a tear lately, and the safe-haven metal has attracted a lot of attention, note Mark Skousen and co-editor Jim Woods in their Fast Money Alert.

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However, when it comes to metals, the bullish trade is not just about being risk-off. In fact, some metals move higher when the global economy booms and when the longer-term view of global growth seems bullish.

Indeed, a lesser-known segment of the metals market actually has outperformed copper year to date: rare earth elements, more commonly known as rare earth metals.

In fact, rare earth metals, as measured by the VanEck Vectors Rare Earth/Strategic Metals ETF (REMX), are up nearly 40% year to date.


This move is reflective of the limited supply of rare earth metals, the difficulty in extracting these compounds from the ground and the demand they’re getting from a variety of high-tech industries.

Now, if you aren’t familiar with rare earth metals, that is certainly understandable. They aren’t exactly household names like gold and copper.

However, we’d be surprised if you didn’t have some rare earth metals in your pocket, on your desk, or at your home right now.

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