The Digest: Our One Year Anniversary

08/29/2003 12:00 am EST


When we launched The Money Show Digest one year ago, we began with a quote from physicist Niels Bohr, who said, "It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future." As we noted then, one’s best chance of tilting the investment odds in his or her favor was to be well informed. Helping to accomplish that, we said, would be our goal. We hope we’ve met that challenge.

When we first introduced this newsletter, we said, "We hope you find The Money Show Digest to be a valuable part of your investment program." Clearly, many readers agree. As a result of word of mouth and recommendations and endorsements for the Digest from within the investment advisory business, our e-mail distribution list has grown nearly 10-fold since our first issue. Our actual readership (based on page views) since our first two months, compared with our latest two months, is up an astounding 65-fold.

There are three reasons for this success.

One is the unrelenting dedication of the entire staff at InterShow, and their commitment to bringing the very best of the financial advisory community together for its Money Shows, its investment cruises, and for the Digest. It must be said that it is the overriding vision of Charles and Kim Githler in their quest to educate investors that makes this dedication an integral part of the InterShow team.

Two is the excellence of the advisors that represent the content in both the Digest and at The Money Shows. Our goal is to expose you to the best and latest thinking of many of the nation’s most respected money managers, financial newsletter writers, and investment advisors. Those featured in the Digest and as speakers at Money Show events are truly among the best of the best. And while stock market forecasting remains a treacherous endeavor, we note that the advisors we follow in the Digest have done a remarkable job or keeping our readers on the right side of the market’s various trends since our initial launch.

Three is the participation of our readers, who offer us both compliments and criticisms that help us fine-tune the Digest to best meet their needs. As an online newsletter, we have the advantage of flexibility. We are always open to suggestions and ideas that might improve this newsletter, and we encourage readers to contact us regarding their feedback as well as their investment questions. Please share your thoughts by reaching us at

We also request that you consider sharing the Digest with your friends, family, and business associates. To add someone to our e-mail distribution list, simply click here: Send this page link to a friend .  If you would like to generate goodwill among your customers and clients and would like to send a co-branded version of the Digest to your own e-mail lists, please contact us at

We give our continued promise to insure that The Money Show Digest will remain the highest quality, timeliest, and most informative investment digest available. Thank you--to all our readers and the advisors associated with the Digest- -for all your support in our first year. We look foward to another exciting, educational, and hopefully profitable, year ahead.

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