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Stocks Surge on Strong Volume

07/10/2020 9:29 am EST


Harry Boxer


Harry Boxer provides Wednesday’s momentum moving stocks on strong volume.

Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. (BCLI) on Wednesday was up 35¢ (2.8%) to $12.83, with an early morning high of $13.61, on 1.4 million shares traded. It looks like it wants to extend. If it gets through the $13.61 high, you could see $15 to $18.

Ballard Power Systems Inc. (BLDP) swing continues to push. After Tuesday’s pullback and reversal, Wednesday was up 52¢ (2.66%) to 20.06, extending to a new high of $20.30, on 5.2 million shares traded. Going forward, I am looking for $23.

DocuSign, Inc. (DOCU) has been a monster. Since the low $60’s it’s been ripping it by 250%. On Wednesday, it jumped $8.60 (4.35%) to $206.35, closing at the session high at $206.55, on 6.1 million shares traded, In after-hours it was up another $2.59. It’s up at my predicted top. I’m not sure how much further it can go, but momentum is strong on this one.

Tortoise Acquisition Corp. (SHLL) pullback formed a down channel, and on Wednesday it ended with a snapback, but didn’t breakout. It popped $2.58 (11%) to $26.34, with a high of $26.75, on 4.4 million shares traded. Nevertheless, I want to see this stock make a move through the declining tops line. The next target is $29.50. Then we’re looking for $33.

UP Fintech Holding Limited (TIGR) had its second big gap up in three day, exploding $1.41 (26%) to $6.90, with a session high of $7.18, on 10.6 million shares traded. That’s big volume for this stock. TIGR has gone from the March low of under 2.00 to over 7.00.

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