Predictive Analysis Pays Dividends


Companies are being drawn to a growing number of specialists who comb the Internet for patterns of information that help them to make strategic moves, writes Neil Parmar of The National.

It was 2011, and Samsung (SSNLF) was looking to make a move on its rival, Apple (AAPL).

To help it do so, Samsung turned to a company called Networked Insights, one of a growing number of businesses around the world that specializes in what is known as predictive analysis.

Using computer software, Networked Insights and its competitors in this space digitally mine through sites such as Facebook (FB), Twitter, and YouTube, as well as blogs and forums, while looking for patterns of information that may help clients make strategic moves and garner more market share.

For Samsung, Networked Insights conducted an assessment after spending two weeks combing through 7 million conversations and opinions about various smartphones discussed on different sites.

It then employed a separate technological tool, homing in on "a broad, tech-savvy audience that craved a device that would rival the iPhone," according to Networked Insights.

Part of the company's plan: speak directly to this audience to limit the "Apple-bashing backlash" other tech companies such as Microsoft (MSFT) have experienced in their own marketing campaigns.

In the end, the different data points that were collected helped shape an advertising campaign that launched over Thanksgiving, as well as a subsequent commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.