NexGen Energy (NXE) is my top speculative pick for the coming year, suggests Omar Ayales, a resource sector specialist and the editor of Gold Charts R Us.

The world’s growing need for low cost, high efficient energy coupled with a growing push towards using cleaner energy is giving uranium and uranium producers a big boost upward.

The world’s growing need for energy is not going to change anytime soon. If anything, it will increase exponentially. And although the world’s reliance on oil and coal is not going anywhere anytime soon, it’s possible new sources of energy such as uranium and natural gas will continue to eat at oil and coal’s market share.

Interestingly, the United Nations recently added uranium as a clean energy source paving the way for governments around the world to use it as a low cost, high efficient and ‘green’ energy source.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that China is currently building dozens of nuclear reactors as the source of energy for new demand and growth.

NexGen Energy is well funded Canadian company engaged in the exploration and production of uranium in in Saskatchewan's uranium rich Athabasca Basin, a world leading source of high grade uranium.

NEX has already had a great run in 2021. It rose 146% from January 1st to the peak last November. It has since pulled back 30% from the highs, giving back about 50% of the gains since the beginning of the year.

However, the uranium revolution is likely to continue and could continue pushing solid producers upward. For full disclosure, I personally own positions in NXE.

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