Three Off-the-Beaten-Path Stocks Worth Watching


In reviewing some screens tonight, I ran across three stocks that had pretty decent looking charts, yet were unfamiliar to me. While I recognize the tickers for a couple of these, I can't remember ever trading them or even adding them to my watch list. Sometimes these unknown stocks can move well if you catch an institution sneaking in, but they also come with their caveats. Each of these are fairly light on the volume side, so getting in or out is not as easy as in the more liquid stocks.

Cooper Companies, Inc. (COO) is in a base right now, but appears to be finding support at its 20-day moving average. This stock held up very well throughout the recent weakness and could be setting a higher low here. This might provide a good entry for a retest of the top of the base, and with any luck, a breakout above $42.

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RAM Energy Resources, Inc. (RAME) is another stock still trading in its base, but also appears to be ready for a retest of its recent highs and the top of its current base. If RAME could pull the breakout off, the measured target would take it to over $3 per share.

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Loral Space & Communications Ltd. (LORL) is another one that looks pretty nice here.