Twilio and Two-Way Texting

10/04/2017 6:00 am EST


Todd Shaver

Founder and Editor-in-Chief,

Twilio (TWLO) is a communications company that uses a cloud-based software to help businesses insert “real-time” communication into their apps, notes Todd Shaver, editor of

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Amazon (AMZN) announced this past week that its Pinpoint system now allows users to trigger 2-way SMS messaging. Some on Wall Street think this is bad for Twilio, but Twilio management thinks this is a good thing.

“This is a continuation of our technology partnership with Amazon. Two-way texting is another capability being utilized by Amazon Pinpoint as part of our existing relationship,” said a Twilio spokesperson.


Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson, who used to work at Amazon, said in a tweet that he’s “excited that Twilio is now helping to power engagement on Amazon Web Services Pinpoint.”

We believe in this company. Watch revenues — revenues rule all. And revenues have been spectacular as you know, since we have reported on this company continually. The stock is way off its highs of course, but we feel the stock is putting in a strong base here at this level.

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