View from Toronto: 3 Charts with Trade Scenarios

03/06/2018 1:23 pm EST


Ziad Jasani

Managing Director and Partner, Independent Investor Institute

If the S&P 500 E-Mini Futures Index is able to remain above 2,675 to start the week, we are likely nibbling long further. More on global markets from Ziad Jasani of the Independent Investor Institute, writing and videocasting on Monday from Toronto.

We ended last week (March 2) with eight high-level insights. View this week’s video commentary here:


If we see a re-test of support at 2,662-52 and a swing-low formation develops we’ll be adding there.

Similarly, if the S&P/TSX Composite (TSX) is able to bounce up off support of 15,400-360 and the USD persists weaker we’ll be adding further.

However, if said support structures do not hold, we will be flipping from long to short/inverse trades!

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chart 1

chart 2

chart 3

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