Sirius’ or the Dog Star’s sunrise appearances, marking summer’s hottest days, bring Dow strength, based on the Dow’s Monthly-Chart inside harami candlestick pattern, writes Trevor Smith of Trevor's Trading.

In addition to the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) and “Dogs of the Dow” components setting up to do something, Bitcoin is an inside-range breakout waiting to go. I think it breaks upside-it is an opinion. Opinions are merely that. If you believe I have any credibility, scroll down to August’s predicted ranges. Dogs of the Dow, etc.

Ok, now that casual readers will miss the text burial having moved on, my futuristic, brain-injured premonitions explore potential realities. My consecutive visions were of 19th-century winter woodburning stoves/firewood gathering to heat homes/cook—I think it’s Europe; next was an experience in which a 19th-century miner beckoned me to follow down a dark, white or icy mineshaft with shiny silver-ish speckles in walls, some on his pick ax’s tip contrasting with his dark, worn, wide-brim hat. I think it’s Northern Europe-maybe Finland, and I believe important mineral mining and winter heat will compete with each other. Gold may be a proxy indicator for winter prices in related mineral groups and energies, and some Fall religious holidays involve gold buying. Watch for the news.  

My last article entitled, Bitcoin, Indices to Go Indecisive, Sideways; Crude Oil Surprise Coming ( predicted market character for the most part, and one of my two space-weather-related down day projections worked (July 26). As expected, Crude oil did breakout/break down. As of July 31, 2022, seven of ten projected ranges were printed.

August’s Predicted Ranges (Written July 31, 2022)

E-mini S&P 500 (ES=F)
High Range 4190-4145 Low Range 3999-3968
Bullish-neutral range. Space weather/non-terrestrial event dates may coincide with the bearish sentiment on Aug. 1, 4, 7, 9, and 22nd.

Bitcoin (BTC-USD)
High Range 26060-24560; Low Range 22393-22028
Bullish ranges; 22482 is Aug. monthly pivot price. 

High Range 1.036-1.029; Low Range 1.016-1.009
Neutral-bearish; 1.026 as Aug. monthly pivot.  

Gold (GC=F)
High Range $1820-$1790; Low Range $1758-1737     
Bullish range. Read about commodity supercycles and mining. $1,758 Aug. monthly pivot support.

Crude Oil (CL=F)
High Range $106.50-103.37; Low Range $94.98-92.21 Wide ranges. Strongly-trending, multi-timeframe, narrow-range break setup. $46 level is possible-eventually, based on an unfulfilled dream state premonition before the $56 pullback traded.

Prior Predicted Ranges (Written July 4, 2022)
E-mini S&P 500 High Range 3982-3946 Low Range 3806-3788
Bullish range. Space weather/non-terrestrial event dates may coincide with a bearish sentiment on July 26 and 29.
Actual: 4144-3723

High Range 22957-22214; Low Range 19350-17200
Bullish ranges; 23065 is July’s monthly pivot price pulling from above.
Actual: 24,620-18,525

Euro FX
High Range 1.162-1.055; Low Range 1.044-1.035
Neutral-bullish; 1.058 as July monthly pivot. 
Actual: 1.052-1.000

High Range $1857-$1831; Low Range $1800-1786    
Bullish range. Hammer candlestick low for reversal rally. Monthly-20-Moving Average support.
Actual: $1,815-1,678

Crude Oil
High Range $116.00-112.04; Low Range $105.05-98.46  
Actual: $111.45-90.56

Trevor Smith is a technical market analyst/forecaster who is registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor. You can view Trevor’s Trading here.