American States Water Company

American States Water Company (AWR:NYSE) is the parent of Golden State Water Company, American States Utility Services, Inc., and Chaparral City Water Company. Through its subsidiaries, AWR provides water service to one out of 30 Californians located within 75 communities throughout 10 counties in Northern, Coastal, and Southern California (approximately 254,000 customers), and over 13,000 customers in the city of Fountain Hills, Arizona, and a small portion of Scottsdale, Arizona. The Company also distributes electricity to over 23,000 customers in the Big Bear recreational area of Southern California. Through its contracted services subsidiary, American States Utility Services, Inc., the Company contracts with the U.S. Government and private entities to provide various services including water marketing and operation and maintenance of water and wastewater systems. AWR's regulated subsidiaries focus on the delivery of reliable water and electric services within designated service areas, while the contracted services effort offers diversification through participation in operation and maintenance privatization opportunities. AWR's financial strength and growth will be generated through customer additions and infrastructure replacement at its utility operations, the operation and maintenance of privatized water and wastewater facilities at U.S. military bases, water marketing partnerships, and acquisitions that complement current operations, all of which will diversify business, geographic, and regulatory risk. With over 75 years of providing service, AWR offers investors an opportunity to invest with a company whose track record is indicative of stability and predictability. AWR has paid dividends to shareholders every year since 1931, increasing the dividends received by shareholders since 1953. Continuing our dividend policy, maintaining a strong balance sheet, and protecting the Company's value by enhancing investments are commitments to the shareholders of AWR and will remain commitments into the future.

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