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Marvin Appel, MD, PhD, is president of Signalert Asset Management LLC, which represents and handles over a half-billion dollars in investments of individuals, corporations, and partnerships from across the country. Dr. Appel is an expert in timing models both in their development and in their analysis, and he counsels investors to take advantage of changes in relative strength relationships or to leave the market altogether. His work in developing strategies to reduce risk and optimize portfolio diversification has been reported in Newsday, Forbes.com, Wall Street Transcript, CNBC, and CNNfn. Dr. Appel is a regular contributor to Dental Economics, a contributing editor of the Physician's Money Digest, and is also co-editor of Systems and Forecasts, a newsletter in its 30th year of publication. He is a frequent speaker at conferences for market professionals and is recognized as a national authority on newly developing investment instruments and opportunities, especially exchange-traded funds. Dr. Appel earned his MD in 1991 and a PhD in biomedical engineering in 1992, both from Harvard University, then completed an internship at Massachusetts General Hospital and a residency in anesthesiology at John Hopkins in 1995. Family responsibilities and the subsequent, dramatic changes in healthcare, however, impacted his vision of medicine. He decided to leave the field and pursue capital management--a business that had been his family's focus for more than 20 years.

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Favorable Market Outlook for Stocks, Bonds

Stable rates suggest the markets are not worried about the impact of the Federal Reserve starting to unwind its $4.46 trillion balance sheet, which could potentially force long term rates higher, asse…

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Conflicting MACD Patterns Suggest a Consolidation for EAFE Stocks

EFA appears to be an attractive intermediate-term holding for as long as our models remain neutral-bullish (or bullish).  The lower Bollinger band (now 65.70) is a good bottom fishing area, asser…

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Why Emerging Markets Remain Attractive

Aggressive investors should include emerging markets in their portfolios for up to 20% of equity exposure. I believe that EEM and SPY are in a multi-year period of moving together with EEM likely to o…

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Mortgage REIT Preferred Update: CYS Preferred Shares Look Attractive

Among REIT preferred, CYS Investments is a current idea with no default risk in underlying mortgages, asserts Marvin Appel, MD, PhD. He’s president of Signalert Asset Management LLC. Get Trad…

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Trader Lesson: Why the NYSE Advance-Decline Line Matters

The S&P 500 Index (SPY) just made a new record high. But with valuations stretched, the question remains as to whether this is a market top or whether stocks can forge even higher.  Market bread…

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Maintain Summer Exposure with Shorter-Term Trades

The best bet is to maintain your market exposure to ride out the summer, possibly taking advantage of shorter term trading opportunities that may arise, asserts Marvin Appel, MD, PhD. He’s preside…

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Bottom Fishing with a Perennial Favorite

Until a year ago, the total return of AT&T (T) had kept pace with the S&P 500 Index (1988-2016). But the past eleven months have not been kind to T, which has lost more than 5% while the S&a…

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Large Shifts Below Surface of S&P 500 Index

State of the Market:  S&P 500 Index holds it ground near record highs while international equities soften.  Our U.S. equity models remain overall neutral-bullish, asserts Marvin Appel,…