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Bears continued to press their advantage on Thursday, ultimately sending the S&P 500 (SPX) back to 3,745, a closing loss of 1%, states Jon Markman, editor of Strategic Advantage.
We recently looked at a Daily Price Chart for Akamai Technologies, Inc. (AKAM), noting that the stock’s 50-Day EMA is trading below the 100-Day EMA signaling a ‘Sell,’ states Chuck Hughes of TradeWinsDaily.
Now that September is behind us, it’s time to get constructive on stocks. September is known to be ugly, and 2022 didn’t disappoint with a gruesome -9.2% return for the S&P 500 (SPX), states Lucas Downey of
Learn how to generate a second income stream with the same cash in the same contract month when covered call writing, states Alan Ellman of The Blue Collar Investor.
We coined the term “bear-killer” for October way back in 1968 in the 1969 Stock Trader’s Almanac, the second edition. The original theory from the 1969 Almanac still holds water, recalls Jeffrey Hirsch, editor of Stock Trader's Almanac — and a participant in The MoneyShow Orlando, October 30 to November 1. Register here.
With the bear market in full swing our Undervalued category is swelling with companies that haven’t offered good value in a very long time, suggests Kelley Wright, dividend specialist and editor of Investment Quality Trends — and a participant in The MoneyShow Orlando, October 30 to November 1. Register here.
Shares of Avangrid Inc (AGR) — a holding in our Aggressive Portfolio — have underperformed the Dow Jones Utility Average so far in 2022, observes Roger Conrad, editor of Conrad's Utility Investor, — and a participant in The MoneyShow Orlando, October 30 to November 1. Register here.
Canoo Inc. (GOEV) is our foray into the fast-growing electric vehicle (EV) market, explains Bryan Perry, editor of Micro-Cap Stock Trader — and a participant in The MoneyShow Orlando, October 30 to November 1. Register here.
There are a lot of different ways to analyze markets; fundamental and technical analysis are two of the most popular, states Jesse Felder of
We see similarities between June’s quarterly close and that for September, as well as the onset of the new quarter that followed, trading in the first few days of July and October, states Bill Baruch of

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Join this exclusive webinar with Orrin Barrow of Kay Properties and Investments to learn why multi-family and self-storage are considered buoy investments, and how Delaware Statutory Trust investments blend both anchor and buoy philosophies. Mr. Barrow will also give examples of a buoy Delaware Statutory Trust investment, and an anchor Delaware Statutory Trust investment.

Trading grows to the extent you do. Join Glen Larson, president of Trade Navigator, for an in-depth discussion on what he's learned from programming for and working with the most famous traders over the last 45 years such as Bob Prechter, John Bollinger, Markus Heitkoetter, and many more. As we began working with more and more traders, we were faced with the reality that we needed to be able to empower our customers to say "YES, I can do that!". Trade Navigator has gained a reputation with professional traders for offering clean data in an easy-to-use application.

In this session, CEO Mansour Khatib will explain the newly adapted business model and strategy of GBT Technologies Inc. and outlook building a technical IP portfolio. Then, CTO Danny Rittman will explain three areas of technologies GBT is currently holding patents: IC Technology 3-D Multi Planar Chip, EDA Software Magic2, and Computer Vision System Apollo.
In this webinar, Orrin Barrow with Kay Properties and Investments will discuss three common 1031 investment options: Tenants-in-Common Cash-Out, Direct Purchase of Triple-Net (NNN) Properties, and Delaware Statutory Trust.

Context matters in any situation—particularly in capital markets. Join Nasdaq's Kevin Davitt, EQDerivatives' and Indiana University Kelley School of Business' Dr. Russell Rhoads, Nations Indexes' Scott Nations, and Investors Alley's Jay Soloff to understand how volatile the market has been in 2022 relative to history. Don't miss out as they will explore a variety of volatility measures, as well as the tradeable products that may help you navigate future swings in the equity market.

What questions should you ask about investment products and professionals? What are the red flags of fraud? And where can you turn if you have a problem? Join us for a discussion of emerging investment trends, strategies for spotting and avoiding fraud, and tools offered by financial regulators to help you become a smarter, more informed investor.
Volatility and traditional diversification are crushing most investors and traders, but it doesn't have to be that way. Join former public tech company CEO, Scott Andrews, and learn why diversifying with proven intraday strategies is a game changer for most portfolios and see if the same fully automated hedge fund strategies that trade Scott's accounts could help you achieve your financial goals.

Bitcoin has had a difficult time over the last year. After a 70+% correction, and a strong reversal off of $17,100, is Bitcoin finally ready for six figures?
The federal funds rate is now 3% and the Fed is now "neutral" with market rates (based on Treasury yields) and Louis expects that the Fed will be "data dependent" moving forward. The core rate of inflation has been falling every month since March. Louis expects big inflation declines in September and October, since a year ago, there were big inflation spikes, so the trailing 12-month inflation rate is expected to continue to decline as those monthly inflation spikes disappear from the government's annual calculations. Energy prices remain elevated as most of Europe strives to break away from Russian energy, but Louis is recommending many energy, fertilizer, food, and shipping stocks that are still profiting from inflation. Naturally, Louis will reveal his best A-rated stocks during the presentation.