LMP Automotive (LMPX) is poised for great things, suggests Jason Williams, an industry-leading growth stock expert and editor of The Wealth Advisory.

Since we first added LMP to the Future Giants portfolio, the shares haven’t really heated up. But the company has been heating up, even though the market’s been mostly ignoring that. LMP has been in expansion mode; the company has entered into agreements to buy three dealerships since late July.

It’ll be adding $80 million in annualized revenue from the Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership it bought on July 26 in New York. It’ll add another $82 million from a Kia dealership it bought in early August, also in New York.

Then there’s another $42 million that will be added by the acquisition of another Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership on August 24, this time in Tennessee.

And it’s also just announced agreements to purchase five import dealerships in Texas and an 85% interest in Alan Jay Automotive network, which owns 12 dealerships in Florida. The Texas dealerships are expected to add $592 million in annualized revenue. And the Florida partnership should add $345 million as well.

Add that all up and it brings the company’s expected annual revenues up over $2 billion! For reference, fiscal year 2020’s revenues added up to $29.9 million. That’s 6,589% sales growth!

If you don’t think that kind of growth is going to trigger a massive rally in this stock, I don’t know what else to tell you.

The market’s been ignoring this one, but the analysts have not. They’re boosting estimates left and right. And they’ve got an even rosier vision of the future than I do.

After LMP reported EPS that was double what they were predicting and revenues that grew 1,713% last quarter, the folks following this stock got excited. And now they’re predicting even more growth.

Eventually, people are going to take notice of these revenue and earnings increases. And the spring that’s been coiling under LMP Automotive’s stock is going to release. It’s just a matter of time. So I’m content to continue adding shares to the model portfolio below our limit buy price of $25.

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