The race toward electrification and decarbonization is heating up, notes Nick Hodge, a specialist in commodities and resources — and the editor of Foundational Profits.

All the tools are getting their moment to shine as we’ve seen all sorts of announcements lately about electric car and battery deals, lithium takeouts, giant wind farm plans, and even newfound love for nuclear plants. 

Our play here is a solar company that also sells home batteries and has a grid management component. SunRun (RUN) has a real shot at being at the center of what’s called the Virtual Power Plant market. 

The stock has had a rough past few months but has now found support twice around $40.00, and is showing strength recently as well as improved earnings.

In late October, the company, which is already the nation’s leading home solar, battery storage, and energy services provider, announced an expanded partnership with SPAN. 

SPAN reinvented the electrical panel to make it easier for homeowners to integrate things like solar panels and electric vehicle chargers that outdated home panels can make more difficult. 

The panels can also support the grid, of course. It’s another checkmark off SunRun’s list to become a complete provider of virtual power plant components and management systems. 

On the heels of that, the company announced Q3 2021 earnings. It doubled its revenue from the same quarter last year, grew its customer base to over 600,000, and continues to see double- and triple-digit growth in multiple segments. 

The stock is getting back near our buy-under price of US$58, and will be one to watch as this trend continues to play out, especially if it can break out north of that price.

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