We are going to put a little spice in our fast-money holdings by adding a great company that literally makes the spices in your life — that company is McCormick & Co., Inc. (MKC), suggests Mark Skousen, editor of Fast Money Alert.

If you go check your pantry right now, you are almost certain to have a few products made by McCormick. Salt, pepper, cinnamon, oregano, parsley and spices of nearly every variety are the lifeblood of this company, and their products are ubiquitous around the globe.

Last year, during the midst of the pandemic, MKC shares surged as the company benefited from the “cook-at-home” trade. Well, since its recent low on October 12, shares are up some 15%. Could this be in response to another expected cook-at-home wave? Perhaps, but MKC is much more than a pandemic play.

The fact is that MKC is a stalwart in the food industry, and it’s expected to have a strong earnings showing when it reports results again on January 28.

We suspect that, given the changing character of this market due to both Omicron and the Fed, the fast money will continue to rotate into more cyclical plays, such as consumer staples. MKC just happens to be a very fast-moving staple that is well-positioned to break out here.


In fact, one look at the chart above shows that it is just now breaking above its 52-week high, and that is the catalyst we were waiting for to add this stock to our holdings. So, let’s buy McCormick & Co. at market, with a protective stop at $71.90.

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