AI is currently relegated to the digital world. However, AI factories bring the technology into the physical world. It is an opportunity that could be worth $100 trillion, according to Jensen Huang, Nvidia Corp.’s (NVDA) forward-thinking CEO. However, it still needs Pure Storage Inc. (PSTG) writes Jon Markman, editor at Weiss Ratings Daily.

AI Factories need computing muscle, vast amounts of digital data, and an algorithmic framework to build decision-making models. Nvidia has best-in-class GPU processors, fast networking for data transfer, and the CUDU software platform. Nvidia owns the entire stack.

An orange and white advertisement  Description automatically generatedStill, NVDA and PSTG began working together in 2018 on AIRI, an AI toolkit for large-scale AI deployments. AIRI marries Nvidia's DGX computer systems with Pure Storage's FlashBlade//S data storage solutions. 

The toolkit has been pitched to corporate technology officers as a way to quickly build scalable AI projects with compatible components from trusted sources, a simplified management system, and a focus on data security.

Pure Storage was the right partner. The company built an excellent reputation with firms like Meta Platforms Inc. (META), AutoNation Inc. (AN), and SiriusXM by specializing in all-flash, high-performance data storage solutions. 

Pure Storage deployments keep corporate data close — either on premise or within the Pure Storage cloud, where the information can be managed through a set of application programming interfaces. And the all-flash data storage means the information is stored only in flash memory…and not on traditional spinning disk drives. Flash is much faster and more energy efficient than traditional mechanical disk drives.

Speeding up retrieval times is critical for AI Factories. Many AI models are frozen in time because they are trained using data that is stale. Asking ChatGPT about the weather tomorrow can result in some strange responses, even when the answer should be relatively simple. 

Retrieval augmented generative, or RAG, AI — tech developed by Pure Storage — solves this problem by pointing the model toward a trusted source where the data is safely stored. In addition to reliability, RAG also makes AI solutions more power efficient, manageable and faster. 

All these factors will become pivotal as AI moves from large language models responsible for Chatbots to factories helping with software for remote surgery or managing electric utility facilities.

Nvidia remains out in front of the biggest trends and shifts in AI uses. But it still needs partners to make it all happen. Keep an eye here. This story isn’t over by a long shot. There are several new Nvidia partners on which you can still get in at the ground floor.

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