Value Investing and the Trump Growth Agenda


Kelley Wright Image Kelley Wright Managing Editor, Investment Quality Trends

Also, I applaud the optimism and confidence of the consumer and business communities alike. A positive outlook is definitely more attractive than a negative one.

As a value investor, however, rampant speculation and guessing by many market participants makes it difficult to find shares of high-quality companies with outstanding economic fundamentals, and most importantly, which offer good value.

In its infinite wisdom, the stock market has placed it faith, and apparently, its money, on the five hundred and thirty-seven people who make up the House and Senate to move the narrative of the Trump Agenda from a thesis to reality.

I wonder what the over/under odds are that they will get any of the three major initiatives accomplished in calendar year 2017?

Our job as enlightened investors is to ignore the noise of the markets and not fall prey to the siren song of the prevailing narrative. The market is a cyclical beast, which requires patience and discipline to wait for stocks until they are undervalued and worthy of investment consideration.

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